This is really is it is it!

The past 21 years have been a challenge and strength for me. I’ve grown up so quick that I forgot one of my most favorite past times, WRITING. Since elementary I’ve been creating poems, short stories and essays, then come high school I started blogging until college. Now that I’m working, there’s a lot of things I realized that I would like to share to everyone, well at least even if I only have one reader. :p

I’m not a professional blogger, not even a professional writer, but by heart I know what I’m doing is right. I believe that in writing there should be no formats, but there should be a free flow of ideas and expressions coming from both mind and heart. Writing is an art and therefore no one should dare criticize one’s craft since everyone has their own abilities to show their contribution to art.

Then what will make my blog different from the others? I may not be the first person to create a blog about life, but I am the only one who can blog about my own perspective. I want my blog to be limitless, no boundaries. I want to show people how wonderful life is without any boundaries and how possibilities are limitless when you believe. I believe that when you instill to your heart your belief of endless hopes, everything you want in life will come forth one by one, fulfilling dreams and creating deeper passion. Emotions hinder growth. Don’t let the barriers stop you from developing. Stand up. Go out of you comfort zone. Think out of the box. Be the best of whatever you are and you will find deep inside you your perspective in life and in which way you would be heading as you continue this journey.

This is a start of something new for me. A start of limitless dreams and limitless creations. It may be too dramatic, but this is who I am, this is what I want, and this is how I show how LIMITLESS I am. I don’t care what others may think or say, but this is my way of sharing my passion, my heart and my mind. This is my inspiration to do greater things. My heart is here and to be limitless starts today. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blogging.Limitless.

    • carlobouh says:

      that’s right. thank you so much. seeing people viewing my blog gets me more motivated to write more. haha. you have a great blog too. keep on posting.. 😀

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