Holding On or Letting Go.Limitless.

“When i was a little kid, I fell from a tree but I managed to hold on to a branch. I was up there for a long time and waited. The silence, the pain in my arms, the blood pumping in my heart. Then I fell. I couldn’t remember what happened when I hit the ground, all I could remember was the agony of holding on and the wonderful feeling of letting go.”

I remember this was a text quote I received way back 2007 or 2008. It immediately struck me, i don’t know why, maybe because it’s true, maybe because I’m afraid I’d be in that situation in the future, or maybe I’m just afraid of that feeling of making a tough decision. So I was thinking, Is it really an agony to hold on? Is it bad if I hold on into something that I’m not really sure? Am I a coward if I chose to let go? Will I regret if I let go? Choosing between holding on and letting go is really a tough decision, a decision you have to think about properly. I believe that if you want something, you should hold on to it and do everything until you achieve it just like what Avril Lavigne said on her song Keep Holding On. But I also believe that along the way, there will be struggles and challenges that might change your mind and choose a different path to reach a different goal so Britney Spears then is also correct when she sang To Love, Let Go.

Agony of Holding On 

It really is an agony to hold on, but of course when you have reached what you’ve been aiming for, you’ll realize that all the sacrifices are worth it. Personally, I am currently holding on to something that I’ve been longing for these past few months, and it really is hard to hold on that long. There will be pain, silence, you could even feel your heart pumping for every moment that the sacrifices are wasted, but still I am holding on. Pain is part of holding on, and before you start, expect a lot of pain, not just pain but real emotional PAIN. It will definitely test you. Every challenge is heart-breaking, mind twisting and life threatening. You have to make it. You will get eaten alive unless you learn from what you are experiencing.

The text above is correct, when you choose to hold on, you will experience unbearable pain. There will be moments you feel everything you worked for is almost accomplished but life will test you and disappoint you. There will be times that life will show that you’re almost there and after one step, you’re back from the start and will make you feel tired. There will be instances where you’re almost on top but life will make you realize you’re still invisible. Holding on is not a joke, it’s really hard. You have to learn to wait and not to expect that it will come, just wait and see what happens. You have to be patient because in every step there will be consequences and challenges that you have to surpass so you can prove yourself. You have to be tough, along the way life will bring you down but you have to hold on to that hope that you will make it. You have to be determined because if you haven’t decided that you will not stand for what you are fighting for, you will fall.

At the end of the day, even if it is very hard and challenging, and tiring, it is very relaxing to see that at the end of the road, you’re sparkling goal is just there waiting for you. It’s like a prince fighting for his princess. You have to give your best and show what you’ve got to prove you deserve to get what you are aiming for. Holding on is mainly composed of hard work, and without it there will be no progress. If you choose to hold on, you’re brave. You’re a crusader just like me. 🙂

Wonderful Feeling of Letting Go 

I agree that it is a wonderful feeling to let go. It’s the feeling when you are atop a roller coaster then it immediately and rapidly goes down. It is also the same feeling when you went down a slide towards a swimming pool. Or it may be best explained when you are carrying something heavy then you let go of it, that feeling of freedom and comfort is immeasurable. Though letting go shows freedom, some people say letting go is a usual act of a coward, some may say it describes laziness, others may say this is for people with low self-esteem, but I do hope they realize this is also a tough decision. Imagine, you have been holding on for something for a long time, and you chose to let go, not because of laziness or cowardliness, but because they chose to give their selves a chance to prioritize themselves since they have been prioritizing other things ever since. They let go because the pain is unbearable and they see that all their efforts are not being recognized after all. That’s more painful. It’s like you have been working for something over the years and no compensation was given afterwards. That’s insane and very inhuman. I have experienced letting go of something I worked hard for and it’s painful. I realized all of the time, effort, expenses and sleepless nights I invested and everything was turned to waste and not even recognized. It was painful to see that even though you make things better, people still see other better things than what you did, and you are still not appreciated. That’s mistreatment. And I feel for those people who have been mistreated after all their investments and efforts.

It’s very painful to let go. Unlike holding on which gives hope afterwards, letting go has intense aftershocks. First there is regret, the fear of losing everything after doing everything you could do to hold on. There will always be that scenario of what ifs on your mind that will replay all day long until you burst in tears thinking that you should’ve chose to hold on. Self trust and confidence will also decrease which is very alarming and might result to self pity. There will also be moments where you feel alone and you start to isolate yourself more because you feel that people think bad about you. Well instead, people should support these people who have sacrificed a lot and gave their everything and in return nothing has given.  They are the real heroes that even no recognition was given they did not choose to get everything back, they sacrificed it for love.

Just one point, if you will choose to let go, be prepared. Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared. Letting go of something doesnt mean it is the end of the world, rather it is a start of something new, a new life and a new journey. Suicide is never a solution, it will just make things worse. But again if you choose to let go, be positive, it doesnt mean you’re weak, it means you are even stronger and wiser to get back to start because you know someone or something better deserves your sacrifices. So if you choose to let go, you’re tough. Like what I said, you are a hero. 🙂

Both situation has their pros and cons. But either way it is a brave and a tough decision. Well, life is actually just an outcome of decisions you’ve just made, and how great your life is will actually show how great you’re decisions were. So now I ask you, would you want to be a  Crusader or a Hero? Don’t rush things, think about it and learn from your past so that you would know the steps that you should take to head to a better future.


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