Notice Me.Limitless.

This song is for those people who are patiently waiting for the one they love and stays even if they aren’t noticed. 🙂

I try to find the words when you walk by (walk by)
Words just can’t explain the way I feel (I feel) inside
My friends keep sayin you’re untouchable
And I can’t help feeling invisible

I’d do anything to catch your eye
So you could see me in a different light
Tell me what’s it gonna take cause I wish you would notice me
If you could only give me just one chance
I could be the one and here I am
What’s it gonna take to understand
Wish you would notice me
Notice, notice, notice me
Notice, notice, notice me

You’ve got a light that never seems to fade
I’m drawn to you and I can’t look away
We come from different places, girl I know, mmmm
But two worlds collided could be beautiful


I wonder if you know how amazing you are
You leave me breathless
You didn’t even try but you’ve stolen my and I don’t want it back
I don’t want it back


This song is very romantic, I can’t help but fall in love whenever I listen to this song, fall in love but at the same time feel pain. It’s a song about someone who is in love, yet he is still unnoticed. I understand that feeling that you want to express what you really feel but you can’t, so you just sit there and stare and wish that you would be noticed. Well, I really admire those people, like me, who patiently waits for their chance to be noticed. It’s hard to prove yourself to someone especially when that certain someone has high standards on choosing a partner. It’s hard to level up to those standards but still you try you’re best. And at the end of the day, you realize you never really reached those standards and you feel disappointed to yourself. So for the next days you will self pity and wish you never did all those things to impress someone, but at the back of your mind you still want to pursue what you have started because you have that small hope in your heart that you will be noticed. 

I wonder if you know how amazing you are, you leave me breathless. You didn’t even try but you’ve stolen my and I don’t want it back..”

 That part of the song is just brilliant, I felt the emotion, I felt that David feels what I am feeling. I felt that the song was coming in to my veins and enters my heart and pumps the words back to my veins and scatters all around my body. This song is entirely in my system now and this best describes how I feel. It shows that someone has caught his eyes and he immediately gave his heart to that person, without any hesitation, and asks nothing in return, just be noticed. Sacrifice is the center of this song, and that is my forte. Sacrifice that even he is still left unnoticed, what’s important is that he made that person happy and in return he is happy himself. Though he knows that he doesn’t have a chance, he still wants his dreams to come true, that someday his efforts will be recognized and he will be noticed, and that he may be invisible now but hopefully he would stand out for being patient and for sacrificing.

Never lose hope, for there is always a chance when you believe. I believe that everything has it’s own perfect timing, and it applies in life. Never rush things because anything rushed is junk. Just like a story,  do not end it yet if you have just started writing it, you have to go through wonderful adventures first before you would come to a happy ending.. 🙂


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