April Fool’s Day.Limitless.

I know I’m already late but I just wanted to share a story I remember that was about a gloomy April Fool’s day. This is a true story and happened in 2007.

April Fool’s Day

        – a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

But how far can a practical joke go when what’s at stake is the life of your loved one?

I remember my dear friend, Charlie De Leon, he was close me, we were neighbors when I was in high school. Every after class we always go together at home and he shares his story about his crush, Janice. They were classmates, I just forgot to which school, but he really liked Janice. One time he told me that he asked Janice to go out. Until they have been going out frequently week by week by week. He was telling me he’s already falling for Janice, and he felt that she had the same feelings too. He was telling me that she was showing affection as well, then I told him to already ask her to be her boyfriend. He was afraid, scared and nervous and told me he felt Janice wasn’t ready yet. He was thinking that since Janice is a topnotcher in their school, he didn’t want to be a hindrance for Janice to reach her dreams. He was afraid that he will just be a burden for her and since they are still young and still in high school, he lacked the confidence he needed to tell Janice how he really felt for her. Then summer vacation came.

During summer vacation, they had all the time they needed to hang out and get to know each other more. Charlie was telling me that they usually go to malls and watch movies, or have dinner on a decent fastfood, or just stroll around and talk all day with her. They also spend their day chatting over the phone or even flood their Friendster profiles with testimonials, if you still remember Friendster. haha. There were also moments that Charlie told me that he felt that their relationship isn’t going anywhere since there were no progress, they were doing the things they were usually do over and over, and he felt that Janice was just happy he was there and that she never needed him at all. I was there during the moments that Charlie cried and wanted to hurt himself because he’s been waiting for too long for Janice but she never seemed to show interest on him. But then one day he chose to tell Janice everything that he felt and he wanted to tell Janice how much he loves her and how much she means to him. He wanted to it to be a romantic moment where he will tell Janice how he feels. He wanted it to be special so he decided to tell it to her on April Fool’s Day.

So April 1st came, I was with him the whole time. We were preparing. He asked Janice to wait in Manila Cathedral in Intramuros by 4pm. By 2pm, Charlie was in Dangwa to buy lots of flowers and I was somewhere in Manila Cathedral hiding to check if Janice came. Janice came 3.30pm in Manila Cathedral. I was then trying to contact Charlie but his phone is out of coverage area. He wasn’t even replying to my text messages. It was already 4.45pm and Charlie didn’t come.  I immediately went to Janice to tell her what happened since she was already waiting for too long. Until Janice received a text message from an unknown number stating that Charlie met an accident. The jeepney he was riding by the time slammed to a truck and got crushed. Janice was in tears and I immediately comforted her and told her to go find Charlie.

We reached a hospital nearby, that I forgot the name, and we rushed in looking for Charlie. Janice was panicking the whole time and we separated ways. I felt reluctant and scared because the plot was just for April Fool’s Day and I felt that I and Charlie went too far. I was already with him and he brought with him a lot of flowers and chocolates, he was ready to face Janice. But one moment later, Janice committed  suicide thinking that Charlie already died.

After several months, Charlie was still in grief. Then one month before the anniversary of Janice’s death, he also committed suicide.

Very tragic right? But that story actually didn’t happen. Happy April Fool’s Day! You’ve already thought about it? Well, I’m not really good in making believable tragic love stories but I do hope some did believe. haha.

Well what I really wanted to say was, In life there will be a lot of jokes, pranks, hoaxes or maybe even unbelievable events in your life that might bring you down, but what you have to do is never lose hope and strive to get that goal that you want in life. Don’t let anything pull you down. Have faith, be strong and enjoy life. April  Fool’s Day comes just once in a year, this is to remind us that in the 365 days of each year in your life, you should remember that you also have to allot time to have fun. Not to have fun like making fun of people, but to have fun in making others happy and celebrate life as well. Yes life is difficult, but also  remember you have to make it lighter at times. Faith comes from the heart and not in somebody else’s mouth or hands. Perseverance is the key to hold on and believe you can do it, that whatever it takes, you will conquer.

Have faith and never lose hope. You still have a long way to go and this is not the time to stop. I’m with you in this endless  journey we call Life. 🙂


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