A Long Journey.Limitless.

That was an episode from a drama anthology here in the Philippines. It showcases the life story of two brothers who walked their way from Manila to their province in Samar. They were able to walk for 20 days and for more than 400km. They were able to win their battle against fatigue, hunger, depression, weather condition and discrimination. All they had were themselves, determination and faith. I wasn’t able to start the episode but what I could remember was that I learned that life is a long journey, and no matter how long it is you have to overcome all the struggles that you will be facing because at the end of the road, success is waiting for you.

At least once in our lives, we experience to be in a long journey. It may be something you have been working for a long time, or probably you have been aiming for a certain goal, or maybe you have been waiting to be in that certain situation where endless happiness awaits you. We have that certain goal in our hearts that we are aiming to reach and that we make sure we do everything and sacrifice what we have just to reach them.  When I go through that long journey, I make sure I am prepared. I bring with me three things, Determination, Perseverance and Faith.


Why did you choose to be in that situation in the first place? You will never be in pain not because you were accidentally brought there, but because you chose to. Be determined to finish what you have started. Don’t waste what you have started and what you have been working for. Remember that you can never turn back time and get back everything you have given, it will all be part of history and your future is determined by what you have sacrificed. Never live a life full of regrets for it will not do anything good on your journey. Instead, be ahead with full of inspiration and excitement, because without these your journey will be meaningless, and you will start the process full of pain. It’s more beautiful to be walking along the road when you have all the optimism in your heart that the world could offer and have that strong willingness in your eyes to face what’s ahead and be victorious.


There will be hardships throughout the process. You might be on the journey of waiting, building your dreams or setting up your future, but there will struggles that will make your journey impossible. Like what that episode on TV showed, people never believed that they will reach their province because usually you need to ride a plane before getting there, but they managed to reach their goal. There might be storms, uneven grounds, or even fatigue and too much heat along the way, but remember to be focused. What I’m saying here is that expect tough challenges and be ready, these challenges will not be easy but you have to be positive and never let go. You have already come a long way and this is not the time to stop and go back. You might leave some things behind, but remember you should only bring stuffs that can help you go further, never bring anything that will delay your progress. There might be times you’ll get injured and hurt, but these are not enough to surrender. Always have in your heart that passion to go through, having these will make all the hurt and pain vanish and go away. You are here in this journey to succeed, no to fall down. Have faith and believe, you will not fail, and use the power of your heart to go forward and persevere. It’s very tiring to wait but you have to hold on to what lies ahead for you, your sacrifices are never wasted as long as you chose to not turn your back.


You can lose everything, but not faith. This is the center of life and this is what makes you go through in life. Never lose hope. Believe that you can make it. You are yourself’s number one support so if you don’t believe yourself, it’s like you’re saying that your life never existed. As long as you are on that journey, there is hope. You may see everything falter in all sides of the road but those shouldn’t stop you to succeed. Faith is your guide towards victory. Faith will teach you to walk on water or swim through the clouds. Faith will be the only thing that will keep you together when all else fail. Things might not be what you expected but remember that as long as the journey hasn’t ended, faith will be the only thing that will lead you to your respective finish line. You will never get lost as long as you hold on to that belief that what you have dreamed for will come true and that you are destined for the fulfillment of this certain dream. And when you’re there, tears will be the only evidence of all the hindrances you’re faced and you heart will rejoice because everything you’ve worked for has never been wasted.

Indeed, a long journey is very tiring. But as you get closer to what you are aiming for, all of those burdens will vanish. What’s important here is that you’ve tried, sacrificed and never gave up. No one may never know what you did, but you don’t need recognition for what you’ve done. You are the captain of your life and your victory is your choice, not because of other people. They might give advice or stop you, but they are just there to be a support or a hindrance. Listen to your heart for what your heart desires will lead you to your goal. Have a heart full of faith because this will be your key, not for an easy journey, but a journey worth fighting for. And by then you can say to yourself, “I will fight for you.”.


2 thoughts on “A Long Journey.Limitless.

  1. lover says:

    “have in your heart your that passion” hehe nkita ko:) Thank you for not giving up. nandito tau ngayon, masaya 🙂 all these things n ngyare sa past, kalimutan ntin, pero we shld never forget kng anu mga natutunan ntn. 🙂
    at isa pa ung linya mo sa huli na “I will fight for you”– dont worry ndi n ngaun gnyan, hehe kundi… ipaglalaban n ntn ang isa’t-isa 🙂 salamat 🙂

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