Tophie and BouH.Limitless.

Whew, I haven’t posted anything for the last 6 days. I’ve missed a lot of things online and I’ve missed sharing my thoughts here in my new home. Apparently we moved to a new house and we weren’t able to move our internet connection as well, my mom didn’t have the time to process that but hopefully by next week or so I could resume posting back here in my blog. For the meantime, I’m renting a computer here in a computer shop just in front of the new apartment we are renting. Even though it’s hot in here, i believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Speaking of the online world, I remember one video that I and my bestfriend, Tophie, did just to make buzz online, specially in facebook, and we were somewhat successful about that. We were miming to the mash-up of the songs ‘3’ by Britney Spears and ‘Bo Peep’ by T-ara. We also had his older brother dancing, miming and having fun at the back. I just wanted to share this video so that, of course, the views of the video would increase, and also, so you could see how talented we are, it may not be in singing or dancing, well at least in miming. HAHA. Well, I admit that Tophie is very talented when it comes to dancing, and I am a fan. I am proud that I am able to see him dance most of the time and I get to see him enjoy what he is doing. He is such a good friend and I am also proud to say that he is my bestfriend and that he never fails to be true to me and be a helping hand to me in any situation and hardships in my life.

I’m hoping for a sequel for this video, or at least a new video that we could upload, just about anything under the sun. But of course I am also looking forward for more posts here on the next days and hopefully you will never get tired reading random posts her in my blog. My blog is here to share my thoughts and my life to everyone and my blog is here to stay as long as I know someone out there is being inspired and motivated reading these posts that I make. So for the mean time, I share to you this video that we made, just about dancing and having fun. Enjoy reading and watching, and always remember to live a limitless life. More posts to come! 🙂


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