I don’t have nerves of steel
I have a heart that feels
I may have cried a million
Tears but I wont drown
I let myself unfold
Gave you my hand to hold
You took me beyond where
I could see
And then you let go of me

I was damaged by the fall
Got the wind knocked out of me
To be standing here at all
I must be invincible
I thought that I would break
But now I have come to see
Something strong and beautiful
Inside of me
I must be invincible

I don’t have X-rays eyes
Don’t have a heart so wise
How could I have known
You’d let me down
If I had known that then
My eyes were wide open
I still believe I would’ve risked it
There’s no way i would’ve missed it


Hey yeah yeah… it’s a blessing and a curse
Hey yeah yeah… But you find out just
What you’re worth.


(I must be invincible x8)

During times like this that I feel weak, music makes me strong. Every line of a song is like medicine to my heart, healing the wounds and nurses me whenever I feel troubled or lonely. Music makes me feel loved whenever I feel alone and fall in love whenever I am rejected. Music makes me move whenever I feel lonely. Music completes my world, and without it, my world will be meaningless and silent.

I have been loving this song of Christian Bautista since my high school days. Honestly, when I heard this before, I never understood the meaning. I usually like the song not because of the meaning but because of the melody, the video and the artist. So I grew up listening to this song without putting into heart it’s meaning. Soon after, I experienced heartache and this song was my refuge and my tool for healing. That was the point where I realized this song has a deep meaning.. This song was the best example of what I was feeling at that moment. It was the best interpretation of what my heart wanted to say, so hearing the song made my heart sing as well, and then this song became a part of my tears and happiness.

“I don’t have nerves of steel, I have a heart that feels. I may have cried a million, Tears but I wont drown…”

There are moments that you feel hurt, weak and painful that only your heart can make you experience. These kinds of feelings are unbearable, there’s no cure for it, neither there’s no antidote. I can see that this song is an armor against these kind of emotions, an armor that whenever you feel down this song will help you be more inspired. The song describes that being invincible is like a superhuman, where you feel all these fatal emotions and you still manage to live and go on.  It details that being a human being, we are prone to pain, but as we go further we still hold on and make decisions that make us feel better. Yes we may not have nerves of steel, but we are not numb to be sensitive about something and think about ourselves. We flood tears, but we make sure we won’t get drowned of the emotions we feel. We may not have the powers to see the future or read people’s minds, but we have the heart to love, and on loving we must learn to love ourselves first and from then on, love will find its way back to our hearts.

“To be standing here at all I must be invincible…”

After all the challenges and heartaches, we are standing still and we continue to face all the struggles ahead. This song is a celebration of being strong and courageous. This is a reminder that we should not stop on going on to life and that a challenge is not the end of the road. We must face these challenges to be stronger and be wiser so that on the next step, we might face another one, and from there we would know what to do, we would have the strategies to finish the test and the immunity to disregard pain and heartache. Being invincible is the best characteristic of a man, and I am proud to say I am invincible.

I may feel all the pain in the world and get through it, but I make sure I am ready to face the next challenge. Bring on the struggles, I am confident that I can surpass each test for I am holding on to that faith that I am a conqueror and that I will never fail. There may be sacrifices and everything is worth sacrificing as long as I work hard to go to the end of the road and face the challenges, to make a mark in my life and face a new chapter in this journey. Being invincible is not just about strength and immunity, it is about having the heart to love and hold on, and to believe for victory, not for survival but for eternal happiness. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Invincible.Limitless.

  1. I really relate to what you’re saying. I have dysthemia (chronic low-level depression), and it can really affect my thought patterns. I have to watch out for that on a daily basis.

    • carlobouh says:

      oh that must be hard. but i know you can go through whatever you are experiencing. everyone is strong in our own way, giving up is never a choice or an option. 🙂

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