Right Back In The Water.Limitless.

I could tell by the look in her eyes
Maybe I’m just another one of her lies
‘Cause I know we’ve been through this so many times
Still I’m here though I’m burning up inside

And I try to walk away but I keep telling myself
She’s the one for me
‘Cause her love is so contagious
It keeps pulling me in
We were meant to be
And I can’t leave her
We’re right back in the water
Right Back in the water..

I could tell by the look in her eyes
All my friends keep telling me now’s the time
But I know
Just the notion saying goodbye
Breaks my heart it tears me up inside


So we’re right back singing
Ooooh, ooooh c’mon, ooooh, ooooh c’mon
I wanna walk by but there is something that won’t let me singing
Ooooh, ooooh c’mon, ooooh, ooooh c’mon
She’s the one that’s always there

I could tell by the look in her eyes
Maybe I’m just another one of her lies


I can definitely relate to this song. Aside from Kris Allen,  Jesse McCartney is the male Taylor Swift. Jesse sings from the heart and puts all the emotions needed for a song to go into everyone’s hearts. This song is the best example of where I am right now and the best meaning of what holding on really means.

“All my friends keep telling me now’s the time. But I know, Just the notion saying goodbye, Breaks my heart it tears me up inside”

I am currently on a process of holding on. Yes, I am inspired and this inspiration is  my motivation to hold on and continue to believe. During the process, of course there are hardships and struggles that challenge me and shakes my belief of success. There were moments that I was almost shattered into pieces because of pain, but I remained strong and stood still. There was even a point where my friends kept telling me that holding on will just make me feel worse and that I don’t deserve to wait this long. I came to a decision where I thought to myself that yes, I have to let go. But just the feeling of letting go, it breaks my heart and everytime I think about it, there’s this certain attachment that tells me, don’t let go and please stay. And I end up staying and holding on and I continue to love. Because I believe I have to hold on and endure the pain rather than let go and regret forever.

“And I try to walk away but I keep telling myself “She’s the one for me”. ‘Cause her love is so contagious It keeps pulling me in, We were meant to be And I can’t leave her. We’re right back in the water”

I know that feeling of being tired of holding on. I’ve been there. Yes it’s really hard. People will demotivate you. Destiny will find it’s way to make you let go. But everything happens for a reason. This is to challenge us and to see if we deserve what we are aiming for. If we don’t work hard we will not get there and we will not get what we deserve, otherwise we get what a loser deserves. Always claim what you are fighting for, claim in a sense that you already won the battle. You are yourself’s number one motivator and mentor so if you tell yourself you’re a loser, then you must be one, but if you tell yourself that you will make it, then you will. You are in the frontline on pushing yourself to be limitless and reach for your goals. Never give up. All else may fail, but you shouldn’t. That’s the power of love. Enduring the impossible and making the impossible possible.

This song mainly talks about someone that despite all the hardships, despite all the criticisms and despite all the negative feelings, he still managed to hold on because everytime he thinks about her, it’s a remarkable feeling. It’s like she touches her from a dream and makes him feel empowered again. I can say that  love is very magical. Because whenever you’re on the edge, love will find its way to rescue you and get you back on track. Hold on, do our best and be strong for there is a light at the end of the road. 🙂


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