You Complete Me.Limitless.

Life is a big  mystery.

A mystery full of puzzles left unsolved.

Puzzles full of riddles left unanswered.

I see it as a collection of tests that needs to be perfected.

A challenge needed to overcome, needed to fulfill.

Everything seems to be impossible, seems to be too shallow.

And as the picture of life grows big, there’s a hollow part in this image I see

Something is missing, was it meant to be?

Or was I just dreaming,

Guess I have to ignore the dwelling.

I continue to paint and finish the canvas of life.

But seems there’s a color missing to complete the piece.

I feel rampant, this can’t possibly be.

The most important color is missing,

The heart of the craft can not be seen.

Been searching all over the world, still haven’t found the perfect fit.

Combining, mixing, trying and resolving,

Nothing worked, nothing appeared.

It seems that perfection will never be fulfilled.

Perfection will always become just a dream.

People start to mock, people start to nag

“Perfection is impossible, perfection is not attainable”.

They pushed me down, told me to surrender.

They said I should give up and abandon the pressure.

A picture almost perfect, A picture almost whole.

Still broken into pieces and scattered all over the floor.

Picking up the pieces was the hardest task to do.

But why break up the picture when you really want it whole?

Deep in my heart I see the picture of life

I see how it should be, how perfect it should be.

It is amazing, wonderful and magnificent.

But how complete can it be if you are not in it?

I’ve been waiting all my life and never would’ve been

Never waste the chance now that I am here

You complete my dream, and you’ll forever be

A dream I’d like to have but I can never reach.

Am I just a being that seems so far away?

Or are you a star that I can not seem to reach?

This feeling is so immense and I know this shouldn’t be

It’s like I’m waiting for the moon to fall just like the star.

Or as impossible as I could soon hug the sun.

Giving up is never an option

Because I believe Love has a magical potion

It’s so powerful it breaks a mountain into two

Or even divide the sky then I’ll share it to you

Love can make the impossible become possible

It can make boundaries be limitless and be passable

It gives all the hope that a heart needs to know

Just let it in and never let it go

Life should never be controlled

Just let it be and let it flow.

As much as i wanted to,

I don’t want to be a robot so heartless and unfavorable.

Feel the happiness flow through your veins

Let your body move and jive into the groove

Never stop the feeling and let your heart beat

Never let it go, never let it go.

And as I open my eyes when I wake up by dawn

I hope to see your face so I can smile back at you

My day is complete just as I saw you

What more else when I spend forever with you.

You are the tingling in my heart

The smile in my lips, the sparkle in my eye

The flip on my hands, the redness of my cheeks

You complete me and it has always been.

I already found in me the missing piece

The picture’s now perfect, and will always be

I will never let you go, I’ll keep holding on

My body is even ready to challenge the world

Because I believe my love for you will get me through

So hold on and believe, never let go and be brave

I’ll be here for you and protect you

I may be imperfect but I’ll be your hero

And forever, the half of my heart will always be with you.


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