10 Things I Like About My Friends.Limitless.

I remember someone told me before that it is not true that “God gives us a challenge that we can’t overcome”. It’s true, I realized that there really are struggles in life that we can”t manage on our own. That’s why there is this saying “No man is an island”, because we should not keep into ourselves everything we feel and experience. We have friends that will help us carry whatever we feel and lighten our burdens. Keeping into yourself every pain you feel will make you turn into a bomb that will explode as more pressure comes. I came to a point where I realized, friends are the only people who know me better and detonate me whenever I am about to explode.

This week is FRIENDSHIP WEEK, for me. Haha. Let’s celebrate friendship and how great it is to have friends. I believe that God gives us friends because in one way or another, these people are angels sent above to guide us, help us and strengthen us. So the more we love our friends, the more we feel loved, happy and enjoy life. Here I listed the top 10 reasons why I keep my friends and what I like about them.

  • My friends are my own Love doctor

It’s amazing when I realize that my friends actually know more about love. And eventually, when I am having heartaches, my friends are the first people I run especially when I am about to burst. My friends keep their explanations short and simple, that’s what I like about them. Friends will tell you that what you are doing makes you look like a fool or will tell you that it is the right thing, too. Friends will tell you the possible shortcomings that will happen, and they will prepare you to them as well. They will make sure that they will safeguard you to whatever might happen. That’s one thing, friends are always there for you for every heartache and happiness

  • I get to explore because of my friends

There are things that most of us have experienced. But there are some things that others have experienced that we haven’t, so that’s where our friends come in to make us experience those things, too. They make us experience those things no to make a fool out of us, but to make sure we are not aliens and that we are real humans from planet Earth. For example, I don’t really eat street foods because, of course, it’s dirty. But my college friends made me try some. Yeah peer pressure, but that’s the essence of friendship, you enjoy what you are doing because you trust them that what you are doing won’t harm you.

  • Me and my friends have a lot in common

“You know that too??!?!” “I like that too!!!” “I know right???!?”, some of the identifiers that you have a lot in common. It’s so funny to think back to that moment that you are talking to a friend and the conversation gets deeper and then you enter a topic and then you friend goes, “You know that?”, with wide-opened eyes, then you go, “Who wouldn’t know that!” and you both laugh you hearts out because you realized you both looked funny, but then again you discovered something that bonds your friendship and makes it tighter. It’s not even true that you don’t have a lot in common, you just have to discover that. Friendship is an unending discovery of secrets that will make you both more interested in knowing each other more, or shall I say, making fun of each other more. Having things in common with friends is fun, at least you get to enjoy things together and experience things together.

  • I learn because of my friends

Like I stated earlier, friends are love doctors, but I missed the part where friends become teachers, too. And when I say teachers, they nag, discipline, be strict and become perfectionists when it comes to advising and making me realize things that I don’t understand. When I become too hard-headed and too uncontrollable, they are there to make me realize what I did, not to offend me but just to inform me and tell me the gravity of what I did. And as a friend, I should not take these criticisms badly, these should be my stepping stones on becoming a better person. Friends also teach their learning in life, like I stated earlier there are things that they have already experienced where we should learn from, and we should be the same with them, too.

  • My friends keep my secrets

Aside from God, of course, there are other people who know your secrets. And you should be nervous, jut kidding. On a serious note though, friends are good secret keepers. You’ll know a person is not a friend when he leaks your secret, seriously. A true friend is when they keep the secret, and makes that funny facial expression in times that your secret is about to spill but your friend still tends to save the secret from being exposed. A true friend never betrays a friend, he will never put a friend in danger and makes sure that his friend is safe and not in pressure. A true friend feels what his friend feels, no friend wants his friend to be sad. So when my friends tell me a secret, I lie to people If I have to just to keep that secret, and they are the same with me as well.

  • I am not alone because of my friends

Yes, no man is an island, that’s why, birds of the same feathers flock together. Your friends are there for you through ups and downs. No friend wants to see their friend suffering. Of course, they will not know what you are going through unless you tell them. They are not fortune tellers to know every little thing happening in your life. Utilize your friends, they are there because they are your partners in crime. You are never alone. There was a point in my life where I felt alone, but I started approaching my friends and from there, they knew what was happening. They comforted me and made sure I’d feel better. And I did! So then I realized friends complete a missing piece of your heart, especially when that piece is unsearchable anymore.

  • My friends make me happy

Of course, who would make those dull moments be happy ones? FRIENDS!!! They make sure that you are happy and every moment is a smile in your heart. They might look stupid but they are doing it to make you feel better and to make unforgettable memories, too. I can say I am the goofy one among my friends. I don’t like dull moments, it’s like your wasting time. So instead of torturing yourselves with silence, kill yourselves with laughter. Friends also have simple ways of making you happy. Simple surprises, gifts, jokes, bonding and chats are ways to make a friend happy. But which would make a friend happier? It’s when you are right beside him. 🙂

  • My Friends make me cry

If our friends make us happy, they are also the best people who can make us cry. Since our friends have a place in our hearts, it would definitely hurt us if we remove them in our lives. They also make us cry by touching our hearts. They do unexpected things for us, they sacrifice for us, they set aside things for us, they are actually more than a partner. They are doing their best not to lose  us because we are important to them, and it’s very touching to realize that these kind of friends are real. Never let go these kind of friends, because like diamonds, they are of high value and hard to find.

  • I consider my friends as my 2nd family

Friends are like brothers and sisters. There may be small fights, arguments and disappointments, but friends will always be there for you and will never leave you. I treat my friends as a part of the family, I make sure they are welcomed at home. I also give them special treatment and make sure they don’t feel left out. I am proud of my friends and I am never ashamed that they are my friends.

  • My friends are true to me

That’s the most important of all. My friends don’t have to pretend to be of high social status just to be with me. I am true to them as well. I don’t pretend to be rich or of high power. I make sure we are of the same level. They go crazy when I go crazy, and they get sad when they see me cry. I know when a friend is pretending, and it turns me off. I feel that i don’t have to be friends with those kind of people because I will have that need to be like them, too. So i choose to be with simple people, with simple dreams, just like me. Or shall I say, I make friends to people who are like me.

Everyone has their own standards to friendship. Some people look for friends who are always there, some look for friends who are dependable and so on. But I am just looking for one thing when I look for a friend, when that person is like me, who would never give up. Learn to choose friends. Friendship is not about social status, money and benefits. It is more of what you can give, sacrifice and impart to them. Friendship is not a one way relationship but rather a two way relationship. Friends should give and take, no friend should over power the other, friends should help each other.

I believe that friendship is one key of eternal happiness in life. I keep stating that life is a long journey and we should realize that in this journey, we are never alone. Just look around and your friends are here to support you. Walk the journey of life with courage because your friends are there for you.  Friends may come and go, but as you go through this journey of life, you’ll see that the person who remains walking with you at the end of the road is a true friend worth fighting for.


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