Types of Friends.Limitless.

A friend for me is someone who is there for you to walk with you in this journey in life. A friend is someone that fills a space there in your heart, to complete you and make you feel whole at times you feel empty and alone. A friend is also a gift from God, so that we would have someone we can lean on and make us remember how beautiful life is, and that we should enjoy life and be happy. A friend is more of an inspiration and guide, a person where we learn a lot of lessons in life and make us realize the things that we should be doing to live a better life instead of just sitting there in the corner, and sob.

I noticed that people usually generalize the meaning of a friend. If we actually look deeper, there are different kinds of friends. Yes it’s true, a friend is someone that inspires us and makes us strong, but, since there are different types of friends, they affect us in different ways. A friend will always be a friend, whether it brings no benefit to you. Always remember that in friendship, having benefits should not be the reason in maintaining the relationship. It is always the lesson and motivation that they bring that should keep ourselves together. Now, what we should do is to realize the types of friends on my perspective, and learn to identify how to interact with them, maintain the relationship and build a better bond for a better level of friendship.

  • Acquaintance

Obviously, an acquaintance is someone that you’ve just met. Friendship starts to this level. And during this stage, it is up to you if you would take it to the next level, to get to know each other more or not. Most likely, this is the type of friend that we ignore especially when we we sit next to them in the bus, in the train, or maybe when we see them inside an elevator or a restaurant. We usually say “Hi”, but not in a sincere manner. And most of the time, moments of silence is the main part of the conversation. I usually consider that an acquaintance is a friend that, just like in a race, there is always a starting point and that this is a start of a new friendship.

  • Gold Digger

This type of friends are actually just there when you go out, go to a mall, dine in a fast food, or when you plan of watching movies. I’m not saying that these type of friends take away money, rather they are just there if you are willing to spend, it’s actually optional if you treat them because normally they have their own money to spend, but they will not go out with you when you don’t have money to spend on your own, that’s a fact. Most likely they just like hanging out on bars, or on places where people with high social status go just to level themselves with them. I don’t hate them, I just don’t feel like going with them, and for that I didn’t mean I don’t have money. :p

  • Scavenger

Or shall I say, a friend who is less fortunate to spend a lot of money to have fun. These people are usually those friends that rarely go out, and will just go if you treat them for a certain activity. They usually ask to share food, to borrow clothes or other stuff. I am not saying that they are bad people, but I’d say they don’t have the capacity to spend more and live the life of people with higher income than them. It’s not hard for me to share, but of course there are moments that I can’t afford to share. These are also the type of friends that you can hang out with without spending too much, I can hang out with them with just a walk in a park, or even a sleepover will do.

  • Frien-emy

This is actually a combination of a friend and an enemy, the name already explains itself. This type of friend is usually the one who is good to you at one point, then becomes an enemy next.  This person is hard to deal with. Especially me, I always get scared with these kind of people, I don’t like people nagging at me on purpose just to put me on shame or to point fingers at me. Anyway, this type of friend also begins an argument and always makes sure to win in one. They are very bossy and sometimes would not choose to be with you. But at the end of the day, this person will still text you and consider you a friend.

  • Backstabber

This is the type of friend that I mostly hate. They are best described as the “plastics”. They treat you as friend, but when you’re not around, they are the one’s that trigger to talk bad things about you. It’s just unbelievable how great of an actor these kind of friends are and how they can afford to pretend and start to destroy your name in one instant. What’s worse is that you trusted them, told secrets and everything to them, and they start spreading them like fire. It’s hard to identify this kind of friend, but all I can say is beware. Just treat everyone fairly and just be true to them.

  • User-Friendly

Yes they are real friends, but they are just there when they need you. They actually enjoy most with the company of others. But when they need something from you, they become like a puppy, they start to follow you around and be sweet. And after sharing what you’ve got, they become a stray dog and leave you alone. I have nothing bad against them, but there’s just one thing I’d like to tell them, be true! True friends are hard to find and friendship is not found on money, glamour or fame.

  • Friends With Benefits

They are actually like a User-Friendly, but more of taking advantage of your weakness. You are a friend but you are treated as a lover. It is not even under the category of being a special friend, you are treated in a way that no one should expect with each other and and is done just for the sake of having the benefit. I have been in this situation and I tell you, It’s hard and depressing. Just an advise, never choose to be in this situation and never let anyone take advantage of you.

  • Short Term Friend

A great friend, but just in a short period of time. May it be for several years, months or even days. We meet such a good friend, spend time with them but apparently as time goes by, they soon leave and be forgotten. I have experienced this a lot of times. Since we move from one place to another, I gain more friends, but just for a short period. And when we move to a new place again, all the memories we shared together starts to fade. It’s just sad that a few years later when you see each other, you start again as acquaintances as the memories you had before can never be returned.

  • Invisible Friend

You know you’re friends but they are just not there with you most of the time. They are like mushrooms that will appear at one point and then will disappear. They are usually your childhood friends. You are close to their hearts but can only be with you on a certain time. They never forget the memories you had together so even as time goes by, you are still considered a real friend and friendship doesn’t end through the years.

  • Visible Friend

These are usually the friends that are always with you, but you can’t feel them. Yes they come with you at your every game of basketball, or might go with you when you hang out at the mall but their presence aren’t felt. Yes they are always there, but they are just there just for the sake of being with you. It may be a positive or a negative thing but at least this type of friend will always be there for you, through  ups and downs, in loudness or even in silence.

  • Twin

This is a friend that is more like a twin, you have all the similarities together. Same style of clothing, same hairstyle, same expressions, same likes and dislikes, same favorite food, same age, same height, everything’s almost the same until you both conclude that you are twins. You mostly agree with each other a lot of times. You both enjoy the same things together and experience things together. These similarities make you more bonded and give you a deeper meaning of friendship.

  • Friend-of-all

More like the jack of all trades? Maybe not. Haha. I mean this kind of friend is good with everybody else, a friend of everyone. He likes being with everyone, talks with everyone and is kind to everyone, so in a sense everyone is treated equally. He likes the attention. But what he likes most is the fact that he has a lot of friends and he is able to attend to their needs one at a time. He is a friend that is always there for you, but it’s just amazing how he can talk to everyone with a limited time, that is a skill that only this type of friend can have.

  • True Friend

A true friend is a friend that has surpassed most of the test of friendship and has earned himself to be called a true friend. Maybe this friend has become one of the types above, but was able to prove himself worthy to be called true and gain a space in your heart. It actually takes time to be a true friend, it takes a lot of effort and understanding to be called a true friend. There might be moments of misunderstandings but you hold on to your friendship, and that keeps you together. And achieving this level is actually a victory, you earned yourself a partner in life that will walk with you in this journey of life until then end.

  • Best Friend

The best among the rest, the true friend that has reached the next level of friendship. The difference is that this type of friend occupies a large space in your heart, so that even if you don’t speak with each other for a long time, there is this certain communication that only both your hearts can do so that the bond will even get tighter, and that friendship will never break as you go through time. All of the tests have been surpassed and there will only be one test that you will take as you grow up, that is the test of time. Being a bestfriend is a great privilege, it gives you the assurance that he is always there for you even there is distance between and there is happiness even if everyone else makes you falter.

  • Bestest Friend

Lastly, the bestest friend. This is just a term just to say that there is even a best friend after a best friend, and this is actually the bestest of them. In this generation, you will really have more than one best friend, but you can only have one bestest friend. This friend is the only one that will be with you as you walk on the storms of life and is willing to spend his life for you for the rest of your days. The bestest friend is the ultimate best friend and is not like the others. A bestest friend will be there for you through thick and thin, through failures and victories and through judgement and glory. This one will never leave you even if the world says so. This one is the rarest of them all, and if you find one, you are blessed. And I am proud to say I have found mine. 🙂

Yes there are different types of friends, and there could be more, but the important thing we should learn from this is that a friend will always be with you no matter what. Yes some may only be there for some time and for a reason, but we should always remember that we are given a friend because they are gifts from God, and we should keep them and love them as part of our lives. They might offend us in some ways, but it is just one of the tests of friendship. Always learn from your experiences with them and you’ll see that a friend will also help you grow into a much better person.

I have already seen and had all these types of friends and I’d say I’m a better person now because they help me mold myself to be strong and stable. Without my friends, I wouldn’t know where I am now. They saved me from weakness and helped me stand up. Yes they had harsh words but they are saying it to criticize me and to make me learn so that I will not repeat my mistakes and know what to do if things happen again in the future. One important thing I’ve learned, listen to friends and never get offended, they might not know how you feel, but your friends only want the best for you and they never want to see you hurting. That is the real power of friendship, unending love and undivided understanding. 🙂


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