Choose Philippines.Limitless.

I love my country, the Philippines, and I am proud to say that I am living here and that I am a Filipino. I have this certain belief in my head that every citizen of a certain country is proud of their own country and endorses them to tourists, to boost the popularity of their homeland, of course, and to showcase the best spots found in their country. Of course I want to do my part and show everyone how proud I am of the Philippines and how colorful life in my country is.

For me, Asia is the continent that showcases most of the beautiful cultures in the world. Here we see the Great Wall of China, Mt. Everest in Nepal, the beautiful deserts in the Middle East and amazing Night Markets in Hong Kong. But of course, Philippines will never fail to amaze it’s tourists. We also have a lot to offer and to attract more visitors and bring smile to them as they go back to their own homelands and share experiences they had here. So now, I present to you some of the most sough after places in the Philippines that you should never miss to visit as you travel Asia.

  • Son of a BEACH

Of course when you say vacation, swimming is the number one activity. And with this, I believe Philippines offers the best swimming destinations in Asia. Here we have the famous white beach of Boracay, where It is widely known of course because of it’s beautiful white sands, and of course beaches in Puerto Galera is also famous for swimming and for snorkeling enthusiasts.

  • Chocolate Craving

Who wouldn’t love chocolates? What if a chocolate is bigger than a human? You’d see real huge chocolates in Bohol with the popular Chocolate Hills found there. They are actually a group of nearby hills that changes color due to weather conditions, where during summer it turns brown and during rainy season usually it turns green. Now how magical is that? In Bohol we can also find the amazing Tarsiers, who have those amazing big eyes. Now I wonder, did they get those big eyes all because of those big chocolates.

  • Island Hopping

And when I say island hopping, I literally mean island hopping. So are you ready to travel 100 islands in just one day? Well, there is actually a group of islands in the Province of Pangasinan called the Hundred Islands, but they’re over a hundred. So are you ready to discover the secrets of these islands one at a time? I’m sure you’d love to take home one when you see them. :p

  • True or FALLS

Of course as a tropical country, we have a lot of water forms found in some of our provinces. The most popular among them is the Pagsanjan Falls found in the province of Laguna. They said a boat ride under the Pagsanjan Falls is so exciting and I can’t wait to experience one too. We also have Maria Christina Falls found in Iligan City in Mindanao. This falls is also known as the Twin Falls since there is a big rock seperating the falls into two. Now that’s what I call amazing.

  • Before it Explodes!

Other than those wonderful beaches and land formations, Philippines is also famous because of it’s enormous volcanoes. One of the volcanoes that made the Philippines popular during the ’90s was when Mt. Pinatubo errupted, and causing a lahar in it’s nearby area. Another one, The Mayon Vaolcano, which has a perfect cone shape, is one of the tourist attractions as well. It’s perfect cone shape still leaves wonders to everyone seeing it and asks how could that be. And another popular volcano is the small Taal Volcano found inside a lake, also known as the volcano island.

  • One Step at a Time

And speaking of land formations, I can say that the Banaue Rice Terraces is truly a wonder. As I can remember, we were taught that the Rice Terraces was actually a mountain, and ancestors carved it to make look as it is today to plant rice so that they have something to harvest and to work for a living. I can say that the Rice Terraces is actually a symbol of Filipinos on being a haard worker and for persevering.

  • Under The Sea

I remember I watched a television show about nature and it named the Philippines as the Marine Life Capital of the world, and I believe that’s true. We actually have a lot to offer under the sea, everything’s just left undiscovered. One of our tourist spots just recently joined the new list of 7 Wonder of the World, the Puerto Princessa Underground River, literally a beautiful river under a cave. We also have the Tubbataha Reef which offers the beauty of the underground world and showcasing what the Philippines can offer underwater.

  • All Saints

And since the Philippines has been colonized by the Spaniards for more then 300 years, we managed to build and maintain wonderful churches that became part of the history of the Philippines. One of them is the gigantic Barasoain Church in Bulacan. It houses the very beautiful Bamboo Organ, which I have seen once upclose, and it amazed me because that was the first time I saw an organ made of Bamboo, are organs still even visible today? Another church is found in Manila, the Manila Cathedral which was maintained to be able to fit the modern world and still have the magic it had since it was built during the Spanish period.

  • Time Travel

And speaking of the Spanish period, the best place to travel through time is actually offered in the city of Vigan. Not necessarily going back in time but experiencing how it was during the colonial period. Many people say that we fail to preserve our history, and I say go to Vigan first then let’s see if you can tell me that again. Well if you don’t want to go far, you can visit the Intramuros or the Walled City in Manila which was also maintained since the Spanish period. It houses the Manila Cathedral and the Fort Bonifacio which are both historical.

  • Standing Tall

And if we are going to talk about history, I’d be recommending you to visit the monuments of our heroes. We have the monument of Andres Bonifacio, our great katipunero found in Caloocan City which actually is the center of attraction in it’s main road. And also found in Manila is the monument of our national hero, Jose Rizal. Other countries have a replica of this monument in their own parks, which signifies how a great person Jose Rizal is and how he influenced a lot of people.

  • It’s MALL fun in the Philippines

And lastly, when we say lifestyle, Philippines will make sure to take the lead. Oh, I forgot to say that we have some of the largest malls in the world, one of them is the Mall of Asia. MOA has already made a name in the mall industry but still continues to expand and to add more exciting amusements in it. They recently added a huge ferris wheel, so that after ice skating, you can enjoy the view above the mall. We also have the very beautiful SM North Edsa, that after enjoying the inside of the mall, you can still go and hangout to it’s Sky Garden. And don’t forget to visit Greenbelt in Ayala Center, Makati if you want to experience luxurious ambiance of dining.

There are still a lot of places that needs to be visited and discovered, and what’s wonderful is that we still get to have more exciting things to look forward to in the Philippines, it’s like there are more secrets waiting to be uncovered. There are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines, and as a Filipino, I should always remember to be proud of it and take care of it, because I myself, I am the front liner of my country and I represent my country. So if people see that I treat my country as a junk, they will really see that the Philippines is a junk. It’s only a matter of love and faith for your country.

Yes, every country has something to be proud of and has something to offer for everyone, and that’s what we have to discover. How can you discover something in the foreign land if you haven’t even seen a lot in your own home land? Yes, the Philippines might be late when it comes to technology, or might be tarnished due to politics or even dirty because of irresponsible people who litter everywhere, but one thing is still for sure, despite of all the negative things, I love my country. There’s no other country that I can turn back and still call home but the Philippines. We should start to care for her and lover her. We should be united to make a better reputation for the Philippines, and I know It’s not too late. I have featured some of the best tourist spots in our country, and I believe there is still more. And because of being an irresponsible citizen, would you want these tourist destinations be erased from our Philippine Map? Me, I wouldn’t want that to happen. Always remember that regrets are the fruits of the mistake of the past, so starting today we should make the right thing. Remember, everything we see is God’s gift to us, and He expects us to take care of it. We should be motivated to take care of our nature so that we will still have something to pass for our future generations to have something they can be proud of. Choose to love and preserve our country, and Choose to have fun and discover secrets, remember, Choose Philippines!


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