Time Is Gold.Limitless.

“Time is Gold.”

This is a saying that I have known that incorporates time. And since I was a child, I never actually understood why Time was referred as Gold. So I grew up mocking people saying that their favorite motto was “Time is Gold”, that for me, it lacked substance and it was too common. I grew up never realizing that I would come to a point that I would say that this saying is now important to me, that time really is gold. Gold not in a sense that time can be sold as expensive as gold or your watch should always be made of gold, but rather time is as precious as gold and should never be wasted. Time can never be returned, or we can never rewind time or take it back, so we should always treasure time, use it wisely and never waste it.

Time is precious

I had a dream, it was during the Japanese period, the time when the Japanese took over the Philippines. A leader in our community announced that on 2:00 pm, Japanese soldiers will come and kill anyone at home so we were instructed to hide anywhere safe in our homes, be it in a cabinet or under the bed. 2:00 pm came and I instructed my family members to hide below the window so we wouldn’t exert too much effort hiding. As I was under a window, a Japanese soldier extended his arm in the window above me and held my head. As he was about to fire his gun in my head, I managed to hold on to my watch and stopped the time in my watch. Time literally stopped just like in Prince of Persia: Sands of time, and went back 2 minutes earlier and I managed to be safe from the arms of the Japanese soldier.

Crazy dream right? But it was a turning point for me to discuss how time is precious. Imagine if it was real and I died from that point, I would be helpless. There would be a lot of things that I wouldn’t be able to do and finish. I was scared that I didn’t want that to happen. I have been through a lot and experienced past challenges that ultimately taught me that time is precious and should be treated with high priority. How do you say that time is precious? How do you show that it is important? Learn to manage time. Learn to use time wisely. Always remember that things done and words spoken can never be erased and edited. So instead, do the right actions and always say the right words so that we will never regret and never hurt other’s feelings. And in the end, it’s us who will benefit from making time precious.

Time shouldn’t be wasted

Have you experienced sleeping for too long, like sleeping for more than 10 hours and then as you wake up, you spend time just lying on the bed or listen to music or watch television for 2 hours, and then after lunch or dinner you just sit down there on the couch and fall asleep again? I did. And that is the perfect way of wasting time. When I say wasting time, it means consuming time but in an unproductive way, unproductive in a sense that you did nothing to make your day worthwhile. Yes, sleeping is a necessity, but oversleeping isn’t. Imagine, we have 24 hours a day, you slept for 12 hours, you went to work or to school for 8 hours, siesta mode for 2 hours, and more unproductiveness for 2 hours during and after eating, that shouldn’t be the way we live our lives. I am not commanding you to change your lifestyle, but rather I want you to realize that wasting time, is a process of wasting your life.

You can begin by doing something interesting. If you love music you can compose songs, or practice playing any instrument. If you love writing you can try to write a novel, poem or even create a blog. You can even help your mom cook rather than just sit down and wait to eat or try to visit your friends rather than being unproductive at home. There are more things that you can do everyday, every hour, than just sit down there and be lifeless.

I have experienced in my life to be too complacent and not to exert too much effort in my life. But then, I just let myself see my life fall apart little by little. And at that point I realized that today I should start the change and make my move. I shouldn’t let any opportunity pass me by. I shouldn’t waste time because every time wasted is another regret for me in the future. Every opportunity that passed can never be returned, so we should always grab them and make sure to utilize our capacity to live to make our lives colorful, for our efforts and happiness complete the world, and make the world go round.

Time is not just a matter of a clock moving, or the sun coming up and coming down again, rather time is the identifier of our destiny. What we do today would define who we will be in the future. Will you be someone who wastes time and just let things happen? Or will you be someone who takes effort and strives for what he wants? Life is always full of choices and is consisted of strings of results of what we have chosen. So time spent defines ourselves. You might have wrong choices and time wastage in the past, you can never correct them, but you can always make new choices and decisions to change the path of your future. Make the change now, be an inspiration to others and be the hero of your own life. We have lots of time, but what have passed can never come back. You can start to begin another chapter of your life and be a better person right now and be an influence to others for the coming future. Start now and be excited for the future.


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