Time Management.Limitless.

I remember a question my friend asked me before, “If you had P86,400 each day, knowing you can only use the money for that certain day, how would you spend it?” I answered, “I would save money”, but my friend emphasized that I cannot use the money the next day. So I thought, that’s a lot of money, and just for one day I can buy a lot, so I was thinking, money will be wasted since I would have already bought what I wanted. Then my friend revealed that we have 86,400 seconds in a day, that we can not save and re-use for another day. From then on, I still didn’t realize how important time was.

We have a lot of time that we can spend for a day. Yes, a lot. And just for one day, I can say, we can do a lot of things and finish a lot of stuff and still manage to give time for other things. Well actually, giving time is different from making time. Giving time is more of allotting a certain time for a certain stuff, while making time is adjusting your time to make the impossible possible, that’s being limitless. Yes time is limited to 24 hours a day, but there are things that can make time limitless, and that’s what I call time management. For me, time management is not just a simple process of dividing time, rather it is the art of distributing the appropriate activity to a specific period in your day, to balance time for work, fun and rest. I believe that each day shouldn’t just be all work, all fun or all rest, it should be a balance of the three. So below I will teach you my way of managing time, to create time for more things to do everyday.

Fun, Work and Rest

These are the three things that shouldn’t go out of your schedule. Always compute how much do you spend time for each activity so that you would know how much time you still have to create time for other things. For example, I work 9 hours a day. For that schedule, I have 2 15 minute breaks and an hour of lunch. Since I eat fast, like for unbelievably 5 minutes, I still have 2 10 minute spare time for my breaks and 55 minute spare time for lunch. So what I usually do, I talk to people or have a short walk. I don’t just sit around and waste my spare time. I call that maximizing, as long as you have time, maximize and never waste the opportunity to enjoy time. You can never take back the time you wasted sitting down for 10 minutes when you could have had a good chat with a friend, right? Also, you should learn to schedule your sleep properly,  how many hours do you sleep per day? Me, during weekdays, I see to it that I sleep at least 8 hours and at least 10 hours for weekends. I believe sleeping is the process of regenerating our mind and body to get it working better the next day. Never deprive yourself with sleep, because first it will break you mind, and second it will ruin your skin, seriously. If you want to be healthy then get enough sleep, just a tip. As for having fun, this is the perfect ingredient for a perfect day. A day with just enough sleep and long work is a boring and depressing day. Add a little spice by spending at least 2-3 hours of going out to malls, hanging out with friends or at least see a movie or have a date. A little enjoyment during the weekend will at least relieve stress. But since you don’t have school or work during the weekends, you can have more time to spend to have fun, right? It’s just a matter of time management, and if you really want something, you’ll make time for it.

4 hours left to save the world

Calculating work + fun + sleep, is equal to at least 20 hours. So checking here, we still have at least 3-4 hours left for the day. It might be composed of long road trips to school or work, time to take a bath and dress up or eat during or in between each schedules, it’s still what we do every second that determines if we do spend time wisely. Do you have more time to blankly stare nowhere, or to text someone during spare time or do your daily exercise? What makes you happy measures if you have spent your time properly, if it satisfies you, then it is the right thing. Actually no one can command you what to do with your time, it will still be your choice, but always remember how you spend every second of your time reflects what type of person you are. Always remember that you still have a lot of time to spend, never be too complacent but be wise. Wise in a way that you know what you are doing and what you are doing will take you on a  place that best suits your expectations. So how would you spend your remaining 4 hours for the day?

So here’s a breakdown of what I ‘usually’ do for 24 hours:

  • 8-10 hours of sleep
  • 1 hour of preparation and trip to work
    • 30 min preparation
    • 30 min trip to work
  • 9 hours of work
    • 1st break: 5 min to eat and 10 minutes to talk on the phone
    • lunch: 5 min to eat and 55 minutes to walk, talk on the phone and do other stuff
    • 2nd break: 5 min to eat and 10 minutes to rest
  • 1 hour preparation to go home and trip to work
    • 30 min preparation
    • 30 min trip home
  • 3-5 hours spare time- YEY!
    • chat on the phone
    • watching tv
    • blogging
    • malling

Perfect Time Management

The best tip for an effective time management, use a TIMER! Never estimate time, because estimation can sometimes, or usually, betray you. I tell you, I have already tried that and never worked. Timer not in a sense that you need a stop watch, but rather be mindful of time. Remember that every second counts. Every time wasted standing there, waiting, is a second wasted for a ‘shoud’ve-been’ more important things done for the day. So stand up and show the world what you can do, make your life more meaningful and exciting and be the captain of your own life by directing yourself to a path which is limitless. There is no such thing as perfect time management, but I believe in an EFFECTIVE time management. There can be a perfect one but might be impossible to follow. Being effective is better than being perfect because it is the efficiency and usefulness that we should be aiming instead of much and overwhelming comfort and pleasure. Like what I said, time management should show balance and should never take advantage.

Never force yourself to have an effective time management. Observe first, then try to schedule and prepare. Being prepared and aware is the best armor that you have to start managing time. Some people might say that time management is just a result of being overacting, but we should know that time does come by, and when it does, it will never come back. And time management can help us minimize regrets that we wasted so much time creating nothing. You never know, you keep on letting time slip in your hands then you realize you never have any more time left to spend because it’s too late. Always be mindful of time, you never know when time runs out. Everything in this world have their own limitations, well at least let’s learn to turn tables and make limited time be limitless.


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