Limitless Movie Review: Scream of the Ghost

Scream of the Ghost (2011)


Well I must say they did a good job for releasing this movie but I was really disappointed. The story is very predictable and lacked conviction. The actors didn’t do a good job, it’s like it was the first time they met each other and they only taped this for one day. It was like the movie was rushed, or probably it had low-budget. The costumes were weak, as well as the prosthetic and the effects in the film. There was a scene where a lot of cockroaches appeared and it was obvious that they were just effects and the smoke in the location is obviously just a computer effect as well. The movie was over-all dull. I was never going to watch it but there was a promo in a mall where we went to called “Movie Fiesta” where you can watch a film for P25 instead of paying P200. Well the movie was shown last year and we wasted money watching this and I can’t believe I saw it again. Really disappointing. Not expecting for a sequel, honestly. The musical score is also bad, just saying.


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