Limitless Movie Review: Born To Love You

Born To Love You (2012)

It is undoubted that Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto are some of the brightest stars today in the Philippines but I believe that this movie is a wrong move for their career, seriously. Yes, I can say that the movie is effective in making people feel the love and make people want to fall in love again since the scenes and the pick-up lines are effective for a love story, but I believe that Coco Martin doesn’t need this kind of film in his career and, yes, this is Angeline Quinto’s first time to act on the big screen, where she’s still good anyway, but I see that she is not made for acting. She can still do workshops and try harder but acting is not her strength. Coco martin is a good actor and Angeline Quinto is a great performer but this just doesn’t fit them. I wasn’t really gonna watch this movie, my mom just wanted someone to go with to watch this. But either way, it was a good effort for the both of them and hopefully this is the last. I know Star Cinema can do better movies than this.


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