Limitless Movie Review: Lockout

Since I love watching movies, not the pirated ones, I would love to share my thoughts on the recent movies I’ve seen. I made a category about reviews for movies and such so that it’s easier for me to categorize them. Well my reviews are just my opinion. I really love watching movies so I do hope you appreciate my thoughts about the films I will feature. If you do have some things in mind you would like to share just feel free to post. The first movie I would make a review is Lockout, a movie I saw last week.

Lockout (2012 Film)

Since it came from the producers of Taken, one of my favorite films starring the amazing Liam Neeson, I expected a lot from this movie, though I know I shouldn’t compare, I just did expect a lot from it. It was a great idea for this film to come up of a story line of having a high security prison in outer space fit for deadly criminals, and get trapped in it together with them, without knowing if you would still survive and get back to Earth or just learn to get along with them. The film admittedly had a thrilling story, there’s no doubt on that, but the film lacked excitement. I don’t know what, but I really can’t explain it, unlike Taken where every second is really jaw dropping, Lockout only had amazing moments, and some moments were boring. But I commend the criminals in the film, they did well and they were really scary. The main actors did a good job as well, especially for Maggie Grace for cutting her hair just for the film. I see that Maggie and Guy Pearce make a good tandem. Well, it wasn’t the worst action movie for the year but it’s not the best as well, good job though, it was entertaining anyway, and I believe they were able to give what the producers wanted to give, thrill and excitement.


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