Limitless Movie Review: Prometheus

Prometheus (2012)

Almost perfect. What I love about this movie is the technology. I was amazed with their thinking about the future having almost realistic virtual projectors, preserving beds or whatever you call them and an android almost human. It’s also amazing how they made viewers believe about ancient artifacts showing life on space, specifically on a planet elsewhere in space. Prometheus is a movie about hopes of searching the answers about the creation of humanity and life. The technology in the movie itself is amazing and the portrayal of each characters are very effective and made me feel emotions each character give. It also amazed me seeing Charlize Theron on the movie. What disappointed me on this film is that they showed aliens on the latter part of the film, literally aliens. And it screwed up the film, seriously. I saw somewhere that this is a prequel for the movie Aliens, well, it wasn’t a good idea. This should’ve just been a separate movie from that. But still, it is undoubted that this film is good and left questions after an alien survived at the end, so there’s a sequel I suppose?


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