What Is Passion? Limitless.

Earlier today, my mom asked me to join a scriptwriting workshop sponsored by ABS-CBN, a tv station here in the Philippines. It is a  free workshop hosted by veteran scriptwriter Ricky Lee. I am interested, actually. So my mom asked me to search how to join the workshop. When I saw the requirements from this site scriptwriterscaravan.abs-cbn.com, it showed that they preferred college graduates, or if not, undergraduates who have experience in tv or film writing. I don’t have both, but what I only have is the passion for writing.

I always hear this ‘Passion’ word, but I always have that question in mind, what is the real meaning of passion? I read somewhere that it means strong love for something or someone. But I believe that it has a deeper meaning, it shouldn’t just show strong love. When you are passionate about something, you do everything for it, you sacrifice for it and you never let go of it. Passion is something that you hold on for and you fight for especially when in times of doubt. It’s more of faith and assertion, you don’t have something to justify it but all you have is that belief in yourself that you can and should never let go. So for me, Passion’s meaning is simply 3 words, desire, dedication and declaration.


When you are passionate about something, you have the desire to be it or to have it. Desire not in a negative sense, but in a sense that you will grow because of it. Desire is your drive to attain what you are aiming for, or what your goals are. Desire is the beginning, you can never say that you are passionate when you don’t have it. Never underestimate your desire because it will determine your willingness on until when you will be hopeful to reach your goals.


When you are passionate about something, you will have that desire and will decide to be dedicated on aiming for it. Never lose hope. Sometimes, what we desire for seems to be impossible but with full dedication, everything you have worked for will produce something that you deserve. Everything that we’re doing for something we want is never wasted as along as we love what we are doing. Never forget to enjoy fulfilling your dreams, because in the first place, when your interest to it declines, you are not really passionate for it. Always keep your hopes up and look forward for a better future because your dedication will bring you to a better place, a place called success.


When you are passionate about something, you will have the desire to fulfill it, dedicate yourself to it and declare to everyone that you are passionate for it. Never hide your passion. Be proud of it. Not all people can fight for their passion. Passion shows strength. People easily get discouraged, but by declaring and becoming proud, you show people you can and you don’t care about what other people think because what you’re passionate about is what you’re heart beats. Never let people pull you down, they are just insecure that they can not be as passionate as you are. Remember this, when people see that you are striving for your dreams, some people will try to pull you down, but most people will be amazed and be encouraged to be like you, a crusader to fulfill your dreams. Never underestimate the power of passion, because it won’t only change your life, but it can also influence others to be as strong and as confident as you are.

Your passion determines what type of person you are. When you easily surrender, you will go nowhere. Start fighting for what you are passionate about since this will be your map as you go on this journey in life. Never get lost and keep that faith in your heart that there is a light at the end of the road. Never let people pull you down. Remember, people who do bad things are the antagonist, so in this story of life, you are the protagonist. You are not here to please them but rather to fulfill the desires of your heart.

My passion is for writing, that’s why I am writing this blog. I want to write a book someday, too. And fulfilling dreams starts today. Always do what you can do to reach your dreams and never get discourage. There will be hardships, it is expected, but during the process, you will not feel that since you love what you are doing. Learn to enjoy life, since life itself is a huge challenge. Passion is not a necessity but rather an asset to help lift the hardships and add spice in life. Always remember that as you progress in life, you have to give yourself a break at some point, and treat yourself as royalty. Love yourself, fulfill your dreams and fire up that passion, never let the opportunity pass you by because it will never come back.


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