Passion Show.Limitless.

Everybody line up. The show is about to start.’ 

Life is a huge Passion Show. And when I say passion show, I mean a show-off of what you are passionate about. Life is a matter of dedication to one thing, so if you are not passionate about something, then what are you living for? Are you living just for yourself, or have you already seen your purpose in life? Life is a long runway and you have to show people what you’ve got and amaze them with how you handle the situation to fulfill your dreams. Wear your passion, walk on that runway and wow people, show them that your determination is written all over your face and show them what you’ve got.

One song once said, There’s only two types of people in the world, the one’s that entertain, and the one’s that observe. So for now, observe, write down notes and reflect, and at the end of the day you should begin to create our own destiny. I present to you now, the models of the Passion Show.

Passion for God – Nick Vujicic

This guy was born with no limbs. And when I say no limbs, what I mean is that he doesn’t have arms and hands to touch nor legs and feet to stand. He was born like this and seeing his pictures really made me teary-eyed. His inspirational videos went viral on YouTube. I don’t know much about him, I just remember watching his video at a convention one time and he really is very inspirational. He shows that despite his disability, he doesn’t see himself as disabled rather he makes ways to enjoy his life and live normally. And yes, he never forgets to thank God about his life and share people his experiences with God, and that He never neglects him. His passion is to show people that no matter how you look, God loves you and He will never leave you.

Passion for Entertainment – Britney Spears

Britney became a superstar, had sold out world tours, became the sexiest woman alive, started partying, started marrying, started having kids, shaved her hair and ended up in a psychiatric ward. Years after the incident, she is now considered a legend still making hits with her songs and still sells a world tour. What’s amazing with her? Even though people pull her down, she neglects them and focuses on her main goal, to entertain people. Britney said in one of her interviews that she has nothing to prove to people anymore. She has been in the industry for more than 10 years, and people just keep on bashing her and got tired of them, so now she is just doing her thing, enjoying while entertaining people and creating wonderful music coming from her heart. She’s still discovering new stuff to better herself and have more edge in the industry she is in, but she never fails to make time for her children and still become the most loved entertainer of her generation.

Passion for Music – Charice

For such a young age, Charice has been through a lot. I never like her, but I at least appreciate her. If you are living in the Philippines, you would know Charice as ‘the-little-girl-who-lost-in-a-local-singing-contest-but-got-a-big-career-in-Hollywood’. She had a lot of negative criticisms in her own country. That’s right, she has been bashed a lot, and most Filipinos didn’t show support for her. She got big in the United States. Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and David Foster recognized her and supported her all the way. But instead of loving her, still most people disliked her and showed dismay. I felt how hard it is for her to please her Filipino fans, and she knows that. Then her dad passed away. I see it as a turning point for her to be stronger and independent. I don’t know much about her, but I was able to see her perform live. She is a good artist and music is in her heart. What she is doing now is enjoying the overflowing love of her fans that keep on supporting her, create more amazing music and continue with her life. She is a model of courage and music has become her strength to surpass challenges in life. For that, I salute Charice.

Passion for Sports – Manny Pacquiao

Just like Charice, PacMan started to be a hated person in the country, but when he started to bring pride to the Philippines, he was appreciated and loved. He is a good boxer, legendary, there’s no doubt about that. But people started criticizing him about having affairs with other women, about his income, about running the political elections and about joining showbiz, specifically releasing an album. Many started to doubt him, disliking his singing abilities and believing his infidelity to his wife. Many also questioned him joining the politics, that he should just focus on boxing because it will be hard for him to divide time for his boxing career to political career. He was also sometimes questionned about winning his fights. And recently he got lost, the Philippines showed dismay, even some Hollywood celebrities. At that point, I saw that even though many questionned him, he is still supported. I saw that Manny was strong, that his strength as a boxer was applied to his life, that whatever life brings, he is ready to receive those punches and stand still and continue with his life. He is a true model of determination. He never gives up easily, he is a modern hero.

Passion for Technology – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed away and still, his legacy and contribution continues to prevail. I don’t know  much about him, but all I know is that he has a big contribution on Apple products. He had great influence, I don’t know why, but I see that he is a great leader. He knows no boundaries, he is willing to discover and as a result, they have developed wonderful products like iPhone, iPad and Mac, and its varieties. I always see him speaking and leading conventions introducing their products. I see him as a leader which is more hands-on, showing personal touch on their expertise, especially that what they are marketing are tangible products. It is important that they explain to people and show people what their products can do and that they are proud of what they have. I see him that in their every creation and discovery, he is proud and excited to share it to the world. And as a leader, that is a good characteristic, the ability to get excited and share what you have to people, to influence them and start a new trend. Then I realize, great minds create great minds by sharing thoughts and influencing others.

Passion for the Country – Nelson Mandela

He was one of the presidents of South Africa. I made once a summary report about his life when I was still at school. By then I learned that before becoming a great leader, he was first against the ways of the government by his time, and an activist, then he got imprisoned, sentenced life imprisonment and later on became an inspiration and was the next president of South Africa afterwards. He was a promoter of equality, one of the things that a president should do as a leader in the country. Until today, even if he is not the president anymore, he still continues to influence people with his history and with his legacy. There was even a movie titled Invictus that showed how he was an influencer to his country. Now that is a true leader, influencing and inspiring people just with their legacy and even after their term.

Passion for Education – Efren Penaflorida

Efren Penaflorida was known to be the CNN Hero of the Year last 2009. He won because he has a great passion to help his fellow Filipino people study in an alternative way. But before reaching this goal, he first had to experience hardships and challenges, which he surpassed and tested him of until when is he going to pursue this. He did not let go, he strived hard. He helped children get education even though they were living on the streets. His group used a big wooden pushcart on the streets, which carried all the toys and educational items, and roamed around town to entice children to come with them for several minutes, to play, eat and study, and they will have he same agenda the next day as they go by again. Their coverage increased and helped a lot of children to read and write. And by their eagerness to help people and without surrendering, they were recognized, and yes they were given money to help fund their institution to continue and help more children. This, I must say, is the best example of hard work that is never put to waste. I believe that all good deeds have comparable reward, but it’s not the reward that we should be aiming for, it’s the happiness that we give to people that we were able to help.

Passion for Democracy and Freedom – Jose Rizal

Known as Rizal, he is the National Hero of the Philippines. But before being recognized as a hero, he had to go through a lot first. He has a huge legacy from the Philippine History. He has many profession when he was still living, 2 of them I know is that he is a writer and a doctor. His habit is to study and he loves to read. He studied abroad to extend his knowledge to help more people in the Philippines. During his time, he became an activist against the Spanish government and made a propaganda to ignite the Filipinos’ spirit of freedom and democracy. He was imprisoned and exiled due to this and was killed. He had literary works portraying democracy for the Filipinos over the Spanish people. He started war, but just using his pen, and made Filipinos realize that we should not let other people or nation control us and that we should be freed from bondage from other nations. Rizal taught us to stand on our feet, be confident on what our countrymen can do and have hope for the future generation. He emphasized that education is the key for a better future in the Philippines and our country continued to follow his footsteps and beliefs, and his teachings have been the foundation of freedom and democracy. His legacy continues even after years after his death. And as a hero, I see that his objective to push people to their limits have been effective to show Filipinos that we should continue to fight for out country, a fight that Rizal has started that’s why we are attaining this freedom that we have until today.

Be your own model for Passion. You don’t have to die, be a hero or get televised just to be a good influencer. You can influence your friends, family even your acquaintances with the things that you are doing. A reward is coming for you, you just have to wait, but for now you have to strive harder to be worthy of that reward. Always remember that fulfilling your passion is not all about the recognition, it’s about fulfilling what your heart desires. Because in everything you do, you are measured through your capabilities and eagerness to be on top, because you should know that complacency is suicide.


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