Let’s Be Healthy.Limitless.

“Health is wealth.” 

I don’t think so. Health is not wealth, but rather, health is life. It is the bullet to live a longer and better life. You can not say that you are a better person and you are living a good life if you are not healthy. So how do you know if you are healthy? Just relying with self-medication? I really don’t think so. Health is something that we should be taking care of and something that we shouldn’t just neglect. Otherwise, this will be a real bullet, not for a better life, but rather to end your life. So now I declare, July is Health Awareness Month. 

I was told that the Depart of Health of the Philippines have declared some months for celebrating awareness for some illness, like the Cancer Awareness Month. But I think we should be aware of health in whole, not just by focusing on one item. You can be healthy, and just follow simple tips in general. Starting with the foundations of being healthy is your investment to living a healthier life. So here I present to you the 3 Essential Ways of Being Healthy that I follow. These are 3 things I do and really helps me a lot with my body so I hope this would help you, too.

Drink lots of water

It is important for me to drink so much water. Well I know that it is advisable to only drink 8 glasses a day, but seriously, I’m addicted to drink a lot of water. My body needs cleansing. And I do believe that water helps cleanse our body from dirt or any other forms of illness causing stuff. Water is the greatest creation on earth and I know that it will definitely help our body on becoming healthy. Not just water, but juices, too. I love drinking shakes, and it also quenches my thirst. It will help on your health, too, but I still recommend drinking a lot water and it is irreplaceable. Water will always be your savior and is always as good as any medicine. Water will still be your ultimate need and without it, your body will be lifeless, just like a barren land. So when your thirsty, drink water, a lot of water.

Don’t deprive yourself from sleep

Our bodies are like cellphones, batteries get drained and needs to be charged. So at the end of the day, after consuming so much energy, we also need to get some sleep and rest. This is what I call regeneration. Our bodies need that rest and regeneration to be back in shape. Imagine if you force yourself to consume more energy the next day without even recharging for a new one, your body will mess up, and you’ll end up in a hospital! But seriously though, I believe that getting enough sleep will help you become healthier since your body is renewing and recharging its energy. It puts every cell at ease and at rest and provides new power to each. Never let your body be overworked, always remember that you always need a break, rest and get up for a better tomorrow and start a new day. Maximize your energy but don’t forget to rest. You are your body’s number one nurse.

Be happy!

And of course, the best exercise is to laugh and smile. Your body needs that happiness, not just for good looks, but also for motivation and inspiration. Happiness mostly have that immeasurable effect in the heart. You know that intense feeling when your happy, that spark in the heart, that pump in your heart, that’s incomparable. It flexes and exercises your heart. For me, it is a process that pumps blood faster and cycles through your whole body, so I see that when your happy, your whole body participates and is happy as well. Happiness is like a movement that entices your body to go with the flow and have more energy and be active. It is important that the body stays alive and be motivated, because without this you will be like dead meat, lifeless, meaningless and a waste. No matter what happens, learn to enjoy your day, your body needs this to perform better. Believe me, it is proven and tested.

For me these are the basic things you need for a healthier living. I’m not a medical student, nor a health expert, but I know what my body needs and I am the only person that can interpret the movement of my body. Same is with you, you know what your body is asking for, give it. That is the ultimate remedy for every illness, giving what your body needs. So when your body feels like giving up, always remember to give support, never ignore if you feel any pain and always remember to treat them immediately. A pain ignored is a pain felt forever. Hopefully these basics steps I shared can help you build a foundation for a better health, because for me it really helps. These may support you, but always remember that a doctor’s advice is till important. When necessary see a doctor, never just rely to self-medication and don’t believe in advertisements. Always put in mind that health is not wealth that you can gamble and think you can gain more, but rather health is the basic source of life that failing to take care of it would cause you to pay more than what you expect. Live happy and start loving yourself, that’s the ultimate secret of having a healthy lifestyle.


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