Tips For A Better Skin.Limitless.

We all want to good look. And looking good is our weapon to have more confidence to face people. Our skin is the basis of how well a person takes care of himself. It is also the identifier if a person is healthy or is sick. Isn’t it nice having a soft, smooth skin just like any other celebrity? Well, it’s not really the face that makes a person handsome or beautiful, rather it is the personality, of course, and for me, the skin. The skin is the out most layer of our body and it reflects what we have inside and what we do with ourselves.

As humans, we try so hard to get that perfect look, especially that perfect skin. It’s been always forever since we wanted to obtain that perfect skin, from the natural ingredients of the ancient people, until the modern products with the help of technology, we still strive and still some people want more. I actually have my own rituals and beliefs on how to achieve that soft, smooth skin, and I believe you don’t have to spend that much. These basic steps actually help and they really give results. I have been following these steps for a couple of years now and I see that this can help others, too. Well I’m not saying that these are the most effective ones, but there’s no harm in trying. The objective is to be resourceful, and not to be too harsh on finding the answers elsewhere. So here are my 4 Tips for a Better Skin.

  • Sleep Sleep Sleep

Always give your body a good long rest. Our body needs regeneration, and when I say the body regenerates, every cell is regenerating as well, and I hope you do know skins are made of cells, right? Our skins get tired too, they get exposed to sun and dirt all day, got used up by holding stuff and so on and be exposed to sticky sweat as well. Just like ourselves, our skin gets tired too and it needs rest as well. Rest gives our skin time to recharge and providing enough rest, it gives time for it to relax and be in a good form again. That’s why I love waking up in the morning because my skin looks good when I wake up, don’t you experience that? Always remember that our skin gets tired too, the more you get tired, the more it will look bad, too.

  • Water Water Water

Drink a lot of water, water is the best moisturizer for the body. It is the ultimate remedy for any ailments, and it is my number one product to help me have a healthy skin. So as with us, our skin gets thirsty too. Do you ever had that feeling that when you wash your hands, you have that sensation that feels like your skin is being refreshed, or like whenever you are taking a bath, your skin is enjoying every flow of water? That’s moisturization. You might also use some products to help your skin get moisturized, but nothing will still replace water. It helps your skin look good and it is definitely available as you need it. Go ahead, drink water and quench the thirst of your skin.

  • Stay away from too much exposure from sunlight

Believe it or not, I always use an umbrella while walking in sunlight, even if there’s no rain. I even wear jackets just to cover up my skin from too much exposure to sunlight. Too paranoid, right? But it helps. Sunlight is good for the skin, but only until 9am. Too much exposure to sunlight is really bad. I imagine our skins are being cooked, that’s why it gets dark. And I pity our skins for that, they deserve better care. Covering yourself from direct sunlight isn’t really bad at all, especially when all you’re thinking about is better care for your skin. You can try to use sunblock as well, but I really prefer using jackets or an umbrella. Never let skin get too exposed to too much sunlight, unless you really want to get cooked, then you should.

  • Choose products that won’t damage your skin

Whitening creams, whitening lotions, SPF+++, Whitening astringents, Sun blocks, Total Moisturizers, what else? Did I miss anything? There are a lot of products in the market to help whiten skin and make it immune from the sun, but do they really help? Do they really support the skin. Just an opinion, I think not, but some products do help. I pity our skin especially when we put too much on it, they get abused. We just need to learn to choose the right product. Do not believe to any advertisements. It is always right to listen from a dermatologist and make consultations. Ask first, then try. Hear from people who have tried it. One reaction isn’t enough, you might as well listen to a lot of testimonials first before trying. Remember, it is hard and expensive to revive skin that is damaged so always make the right choices and pick the ones that will best help your skin to look good. Well I actually recommend using baby soaps when taking a bath since my dermatologists say some soaps today are too strong and baby soaps maintain the moisture in our skin. I also use baby powders when my face gets too oily, so it helps preventing acne. Know the product first, never use an unknown one.

But you know what, the ultimate tip to a better skin, is to SMILE. Smiling helps stretch muscles in our face, and I read somewhere that it makes you look younger. My dermatologist also looks so beautiful and she said happiness is her secret. Always smile, believe that laughter is the best medicine. Not into sarcasm though, but it really helps and always try to smile when stress is ahead. Never let negative emotions take over your day and always get your hopes up. Remember, a sad face is a reflection of an unhealthy skin.

A lot of people aspires to look good. So what is it in looking good? For me, the most good-looking person is the one with a beautiful personality. What is the sense of  good face if you have the dirtiest attitude, right? Learn to treat yourself right first so you can fix your personality and be good-looking to others, and start treating people right. How can you attain happiness if you can’t even make yourself happy? Change starts with yourself, so if you want to look good, it starts with yourself too. Never let people pull you down, always believe in yourself, their criticism doesn’t change the fact that you will emerge and they remain as critics. You can always better yourself and remember that the best revenge is by facing people, earn confidence by improving yourself and never doubt yourself. A good skin is the start of a healthy lifestyle, so choose to start today. Never ignore your needs, especially health needs, and it will turn you into someone confident and stronger to face the challenges in the future.


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