The Lorenzo’s Time Experience.Limitless.

Lorenzo’s Time (2012)

Lorenzo’s Time is a genius creation. It’s so amazing how the creator of this TV series were able to think of this concept. They were able to give and show hopes that every illness has a cure and that every hardships can be eased out by bringing up hope to our hearts. It’s very heartwarming and shows true value about family and love. Love knows no time or structure. Love is unconditional and will never wear out from any situation. This TV series also made me realize that time is precious and when there is an opportunity, grab it and never let history repeat itself. It’s not mainly about immortality but mostly about love itself being immortal and endless.

So what is it about Lorenzo’s Time that made it a soon-to-be phenomenon? It is very interesting, risky and fresh. Humans want a cure to every illness, may it be to sickness, love or loneliness. We are always interested to ways on how to fix things and see the process and feel every pain and victory along with it. It is also something new to the viewers that makes each one interested on seeing the next episode to see what might happen. And especially the topic of Cryonics, it’s something that is new to most of us and we all want to get aware of what it is. So what is Cryonics?

Cryonics, the road to Immortality or Remedy?

As what I have read, Cryonics is about preserving a human body, which is announced clinically dead. The process of preservation is placing the body in a super low temperature, that can also help preserve each organs, hoping that someday, the process to revive the body could be discovered, as well as the cure for the illness becoming the reason to place the body in it. Some say it is a process of immortality, some say it is a way to discover undiscovered antidote, but other than this, I say it is something that can help preserve human life, if ever that we really face extinction in the future. So do I approve Cryonics? I’m not really sure, half yes, half no. We are not really sure that these experts can find the process to revive these preserved people, and I also don’t want to be a part of an experiment, but of course, I want to live longer, and if ever, find a solution to my illness. Who wouldn’t want to live additional years, right? But that’s what Lorenzo’s Time wants us to realize, what if time took away your loved ones, are you still willing to be part of the experiment? It’s hard, especially when you have no choice, but always remember that by not choosing, you still made a choice.

Science VS Time

I was told that before you were placed in the process of Cryogenics, you will sign a waiver approving and showing your willingness to be part of the experiment. By signing it, you approve that science will take time away from you. I don’t see that science is a bad thing, I love science. But it’s hard to choose between finding the antidote and the chance to spend time with your loved ones. First, there is no assurance you will be revived, second, you can never take back the time that the process took away from you, third, there is also no assurance that everything will work fine like before you were placed in there, though they assured everything will function just like before, and lastly, I believe that you can never defy what God has planned for you. Well, there’s no doubt that this process can help preserve your body, find a cure and give you a second chance in life, but it is hard to risk. I understand Lorenzo’s family’s hesitation in approving the process, but they left no choice but to risk. And it is hard, really hard. Would you rather stay where you are and follow what lies ahead or take risks and take the road where it might lead to a better place, but there’s no assurance? Science is all about for the improvement of life, but there is a lot to take in to consideration, it takes too much thinking and decision-making.

Well it shouldn’t be a big deal right now, but it is currently one of the talk of the town. Class A people can only afford Cryonics. That’s why I was told what if Cryonics turned out to be a success and would be opened in public, not everyone can afford Cryonics. Unless these experts find ways to make this available to everyone, then I’d really get excited. But I don’t see that they can find it really soon, maybe 50 years from now, but who knows right? Science is one of the great discoveries in mankind, and I adore that. Science is one things that amazes me in life, giving me all the answers I need. But I always believe that Time is one of the most essential things in life. Life can never be returned but science can always be studied and can explain life and bring forward the future. Yes there is a chance for your body to skip time, but it can never take away the fact that science will always be your hindrance to immortality, on making time limitless. Maybe because that’s why the secret of immortality can not be discovered because science itself is the factor that stops on unveiling it. But it’s not the immortality that we should be aiming for in finding every antidote, but rather the chance to extend time to fulfill your purpose in life and live a better life. It is important to have a second chance, because that second chance is an opportunity to make things right to make things in a better way. Live life to the fullest and never waste time, chances come and go so never let them slip away, grab them and hold on to it and live a meaningful life, not forever, but for the rest fo your life.


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