Effects of Bullying.Limitless.

That is a video of a woman being bullied by middle-aged students in New York. So before we proceed, let’s familiarize ourselves with bullying. According to Wikipedia, Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power. In short, Bullying is an act of overpowering someone aggressively, takes advantage and abuses someone indefinitely. Bullying is usually associated with children at school. but did you know that bullying can happen to everyone, of all ages? There is bullying at school, at work, to gays, to disabled people, to prisoners and even in military. It’s so painful to see that bullying is widely happening worldwide, and I ask, where is equality? Why bully in the first place? Everyone should be equal and we should never hurt someone else’s feelings. Always remember that everyone is undergoing their own challenges and we should never be a burden, instead, we should help encourage. And apparently, bullying has some effects to people. I myself have been bullied before and here are some of the effects, I think, is widely known for bullying.


People being bullied are losing self-confidence. They tend to ask questions to themselves why this is happening to them and they start to question their capabilities to go on through life. These victims deny to themselves that they are weak, at first, and neglect all the bullying. But at the end of the day they cry and usually feel alone because they want to show people they are strong. But in reality they are not, and they start to feel weak and see that they are alone. Bullying affects their journey on life, it stops their growth and stop improving their lives. Bullying is like a big slap on the face to tell victims that they are not worthy on what they have and they should lose their confidence and show they are not supposed to be recognized. A little encouragement can help these victims to get back on track. They just need a little advice and recognition on the little things they do so that they will gain confidence little by little.


You are being discriminated when you are bullied, so most of the time all of the people make fun of you and you choose to be alone. You see that it is better to be alone rather than be with someone who makes fun of you. Victims usually isolate themselves, keep silent and keep everything to themselves so that they won’t get noticed, but what’s ironic is that even how silent you are, these bullies will still come to you and bully you. As a result, victims get depressed, all of the bad emotions get stuck in their hearts and get too emotional. Since they have isolated themselves, they don’t have someone to talk to and feel deeper loneliness. It helps to talk to these victims and hear them vent out. It is important to them that someone is listening and is willing to help. At these times, it is best to show concern because this is the point where they need friends the most.


And this is the worst thing that can happen to a bullying victim. What I am worried about bullying victims is the fact that they have the options to commit suicide. Victims think that to end the agony, the best option is to die, that’s why most victims commit suicide. It’s sad, I really get emotional when I see or hear news that someone committed suicide, especially due to bullying. No one has the right to take away someone else’s freedom. And we should show these people that they have the freedom to be happy and to express their feelings. We should never be a hindrance to their emotions and we should help them become a better person. We should be a helping hand to these people in need and not push them to the brink of death.

Humans always have that feeling of the need to overpower someone or the feeling to be the boss over everyone. But leadership is not attained through bullying, it is earned and it should be done in a positive way. We should be a good example to others and we should never let anyone down. God created us to compliment each other, not to pull each other down. Bullying is social suicide and we should not take away everyone’s right to have friends and to gain confidence. No one likes to be bullied, and you should never do this to someone, unless you like someone to this to you. Remember, we are responsible to every actions that we do and we should not let our actions hurt other’s feelings. We should be a symbol of hope and be and inspiration to others, because doing the right things is an eternal happiness brought to people you influence the most. So here is a song I would like to share, let’s share love, not hate and be that light that everyone needs to go on through life.


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