Limitless Movie Review: Dark Flight

Dark Flight (2012)

A movie I regret watching. I was expecting a lot, actually. Since I missed watching The Amazing Spiderman, and realized there’s no more Spiderman showing left, I chose to watch a horror movie instead. And it got me excited since the poster is a bit interesting. It’s obvious that the plot is inside an airplane, and it’s something new. The movie started fairly fine, but until the movie progressed, my disappointments continued to grow. What I like about this movie is that it’s very innovative, I kept on saying I wish our country can make and invest on making movies like this. The idea and concept are amazing and it made me more excited. The first thing I got disappointed about were the actors, they were lame. They did good in acting but it was very scripted, their acting were predictable and were not that convincing. The movie is effective in scaring, but the story shows too much detail, that sometimes the scene isn’t necessary to be shown, more like fillers. There were also inappropriate scenes like the scene where they were laughing just to let the ghosts vanish, very lame indeed. The movie is fairly good all in all. It’s a first step to creating better movies for the Thai movie industry and it’s something that the Philippine movie industry should see to start working on something like this and be competitive like the Thais.


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