Sweet Dreams Or A Beautiful Nightmare.Limitless.

Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare

I had this nightmare just recently that made me cry when I woke up. I don’t want to share what happened, since it’s really heartbreaking, I just hate having nightmares, especially like that last one that made me cry really hard. I thought it was real, every moment of the nightmare. It’s a nightmare inside a nightmare that you want it to stop but you can’t and all you can do is cry when you wake up, thinking that it’s a good thing it wasn’t real and God saved you from that inescapable nightmare. I rarely get nightmares, the last time I had a nightmare was when I was a kid so I didn’t expect to have one recently. Who would even like and expect nightmares, right? Just like Sweet dreams, they come rarely, too. Sweet dreams that make you smile as you sleep and make you frown again because as you wake up, everything is just a dream. So what seems to be better, a nightmare that seems to be real or a sweet dream which is a reality that ends as you wake up?

Nightmares VS Sweet Dreams

What I view about dreams is that they are the reflections of what you did throughout the day, and they reflect emotions as well. Dreams are also our gateway to our spiritual aspects, such as what we view in the future and how deep our imagination is. A nightmare or a sweet dream is a branch of this, being negative or positive. A nightmare is more like a sum of negative energy going around our minds before we sleep. There are just two things why you experience this, it is a result of what you were feeling for the day before you sleep or something that you see or you are expecting in the future. Events you see in your nightmare might not be similar to what you experienced for the day or what you are expecting in the future but there is a meaning or message into it that only you yourself can explain. It’s your discretion if you will overhthink about nightmares, but always remember, dreams are too tricky, they tend to bend what you see in reality and make you believe on what you have on your nightmares. Sweet dreams are like nightmares too, but the difference is, they are too good to be true. Sweet dreams might be something you are craving for or something that you have been longing for in life. Usually it is something that makes you smile as you sleep and makes want to sleep forever, not to end what you see in your dream. It is just like a distraction on what you are aiming for, but is something to enjoy for as you sleep. Dreams shouldn’t be taken seriously, because if you do, you’ll get confused with what you with what can reality give you to what your dreams can tell you to do.

What are Dreams for

Why dream anyway if we shouldn’t be too serious about them? Dreams are there to add spice in our lives. For me, dreams are the capacity to be imaginative and creative in some aspects. Dreams are our portal to what we can be in our minds to from what we can not be in reality. On how fun your dream is reflects how good as a person you are. When you have too much nightmares, you’re stressed. It’s time to take a break, relax and have fun. When you can’t remember what you are dreaming, you might be sick and soon should see a doctor. When you have too many sweet dreams, you might be too indulged in a good life. Stop living on sweet dreaming and start working on to make them a reality. Dreams show what we want and what we are in life and we should assess ourselves, how am I dreaming? How’s my dreams lately? I honestly think having a good dreams is better than all these because a good dreams reflects a good day for me. It may be a normal one but at least I don’t have something to worry about. It’s good to have a good night sleep knowing that you have a good dream to look forward to. Dreams are not there to harass you nor scare, it is there to make you realize that life is so colorful that it shouldn’t just stay as dreams, work for it, make it better and let it happen.

Our dreams as we sleep will always be part of our lives, it will never vanish. Why just let  a dream become a dream when it could be something that you want to see in reality? Why let  a dream haunt you every night when it could be something that you can look forward to? Dreams will be our comfort as we sleep. It might be a moment to answer our questions, to see people we want to see, to excite us and make us solve every puzzle and to make our minds rest and play along. Never be afraid to dream every night for dreaming is an unstoppable activity as we sleep. Give in and never hold back, always learn to make lemonades out of lemons, when life gives you lemons. Remember, a good day starts from a good dream. Never let a nightmare eat you up and consume your day until it consumes your life. Make that change that your dreams want you to be. Don’t be still, and make a mark to people, an objective you realized from a dream. Never hold back on what you are fighting for and on what you want in life, for a man once dreamed and died without fulfilling them, so instead, be that someone who learns from his own mistakes, starts to open his eyes and mind after waking up on a nightmare or a sweet dream and makes a way to make a path for a better life. May it be to show care on a loved one, or making up a risky decision, I don’t know what you are going through, but I tell you, listen to your dreams and they will be your guide as you continue on the next step of your journey in life.


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