Limitless Movie Review: Total Recall

Total Recall, 2012

This movie is an action film but it left me teary-eyed, maybe because when a movie is as good as this, it makes me almost cry. I felt the victory at the end. This movie is simply a story of human invasion, by humans as well, and the only way to stop it is by unity of humans, too. There was a moment that he was left alone and the protagonist still manages to do it by himself and saved the world. The actor also portrayed his role very well, a man losing his memory which was replaced by another memory, which is really thrilling and made me think if this would possibly happen in real life. The technology is also amazing, the plot, the setting, everything is good and there is nothing bad I can say about the film. The idea that at the end of the 21st century, the world will be divided int 2 unions is also brilliant. The movie all in all is terrifying, exciting and brain-twisting. It really managed to do what it aims, to make memories or imaginations come to life. And this movie totally made me feel what the actors felt at the moment, it’s like I am in the movie, too. The film also proved that no matter what, even losing memory, true love will really prevail. This movie is highly recommended and you should never let this movie pass by. A perfect 5-star film!!


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