Let’s Go Techno.Limitless.

Modernization is the only change that makes the world move forward.

Technology is one step for modernization, and I must say technology changed the way of living for humans. The world is never the same with technology, and it shaped the world greatly. Coming from a stone-aged living world to a colorful and advanced world that we have today, we experienced life, almost at its best, and we have more to offer to make technology today something smaller from the exciting and bigger technology of the future.

Flying Cars and Androids

Technology has gone beyond its limits throughout the years and is expected to do more in the future. Coming from phones with keypads to touch phones, where is the technology leading us? What excites me more is the fact that technology has changed the way we live and our work advances and develops because of these amazing discoveries. Before, you would need to bring a phone and a separate camera to communicate and take pictures, now you can have both, record videos, plus surf the net and do a video conference. Now that’s what I call amazing. Imagine, without these modern technology that we have, we will remain stagnant to what we have 50 years ago. Thanks to the brilliant minds of these inventors and experts that we were introduced to these wonderful gifts they offered. Without technology, the world will remain from point a to point b, back and forth, with no development. Technology is a symbol of growth and what we have now is a reflection of what technology did to help us and improve the living on Earth.

Technoness is next to Laziness

If there is one thing I hate about what technology did to mankind, people start to be lazier than ever. There’s fewer people working and more people sitting down surfing the net or lying while texting or calling and taking pictures. It’s just sad to see how lazy we have been since technology developed. Though we are just using what we have to the fullest, technology then captures our weakness, comfort. It’s comfortable for us for our machines to do everything we need. When there’s less movement, there’s more comfort and satisfaction, and the more we carve for the product and the more these experts try to make a product that does more. So is advancing the technology coming from laziness? So does it mean in work areas there will be less manpower since machines will be working instead? So what is now the essence of technology if it brings so much negative impact to us? The answer, learn to balance. Technology is there to give us comfort but not to take away our responsibility as humans. Our role is to give service and continue to go on through life. Our life doesn’t end with what technology has rather we let technology help improve ourselves and be a model to others to get them motivated, too.

Technology is more of a result of a dream, a dream made real. Yesterday we dreamt of flying and tomorrow we will have flying cars. Technology is a symbol of going out of your comfort zone and starting to do what you can to make things possible. Remember, technology will not work without our willingness to make it work and our passion to advance and live a better world. Advancing technology is not to corrupt our minds and bodies but rather to make the most our of it and make the world a better place. Technology is for our comfort and security, and we should use it wisely and never use it for selfish intentions. Remember, technology is made by humans and we, as humans, are able to destroy it, too. So utilize it while you have it, we never know when this will last or until when we will get motivated to create better ones. So to have a better technology in the future, continue to dream big and aim for a better tomorrow. Who knows, you might have the brain that will influence something in the future that will sustain life on earth and bring ease to the living of mankind.





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