The Perfect Cellphone.Limitless.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to have an iPhone? Or something similar to an iPhone? I was never a fan of iPhones until one of my friends had one and I had this need to have a phone as beautiful as this. Then Android phones came, they literally changed the cellphone industry in our world. Coming from a black and white screen to touchscreen phones, beginning with text messages to sending e-mails through phones, modern cellphones already have the convenience we need. But as a consumer, newer ideas and features of phones make me want to have more and have them all in one phone. At that point, the dream to have the perfect phone emerged.  I wanted to have a phone that everyone will be envious of. So I listed here what my dream cellphone would be, and hopefully one manufacturer can see this and make this happen.

Sleek Style

What I simply dream about the style of a phone is one being slim, I want it to be a touchscreen phone, it could be black or gray or a combination of both and it should be 100% water and fall resistant. Yes, I want my phone to be immortal. Yes it is impossible and unrealistic, but this is a dream and there’s no harm in dreaming. Hehe. Anyway,  we always have problems about bulky pockets because of our big phones but I want a really slim one, something like the iPhone which already has its battery built inside, but slimmer. It would be really convenient. I also want it water-resistant since our gadgets are mostly weak in water and it would be amazing to use our phones even with wet hands, we could totally utilize it. Another one is a phone being fall resistant. You can’t deny it, sometimes we accidentally lose grip of our phones and it falls hard in the ground, and they usually end up getting broken. A super phone will definitely become a dream come true and it will definitely satisfy me.

It would also be amazing for a phone to have a laser keyboard, or to have a projected image of a keyboard outside the phone and be able to type on it. That would be cool! And this will be something to be proud of in a phone.

Customized and more Accessible Organizer

I am a busy person, and being so, I want my tasks recorded properly. So I want  a customized calendar,  louder alarms for better reminders, a customized memo pad where I can leave notes especially when I need to and a scientific calculator, just in case I need it at school. Leaving reminders and tasks is not just a matter of  making an alarm, rather it  helps record memories done in the past, so that I can still access them and read them again in the future. There are also times that when an idea pops in my mind, I need to write it down because my phone is my personal notepad. I want it to be easily accessible and could be customized the way I want it to be, more of a database of notes that I need.

I also noticed that alarms on some phones are not that effective in waking up a lot of people so I want a phone that will really create a bang when one needs to wake up. Especially me, I really have a hard time waking up so my phone will definitely become a great help when I need to urgently wake up. And lastly, a scientific calculator will just be a bonus, since I’m tired of seeing just the usual calculator. How about a calculator containing measurement conversions and time calculations, eh?

Limitless Media

The perfect media that a phone can have is having a camera just like a DSLR but still maintaining the size of a regular camera phone. This will be awesome and totally surreal if ever I would have a camera like this. I will never have to linger to those pixellated images that those regular phones have and this phone will definitely hit the next level since having clear images will also assure clear video. So how about if I can use this for video coverage for events, too, right? A camera on a phone is really important because for me it captures important memories in every moment of our lives. And having a quality camera on our phones will really be nice. Of course, when you have good audio and visuals, a phone should have large memory to sustain it all, or shall I say unlimited memory? A phone memory sustained by the internet. I don’t know if this will be possible but since the internet is limitless, why not incorporate its capabilities to make our phones have unlimited memories, right?

Incomparable Internet Capabilities

And since we are talking about the internet, why not become the only phone which is also have its own Wi-Fi source? Isn’t it nice not to search for a hotspot anymore since your phone itself is a source of the internet? That would be very convenient since the connection you need is just inside your phone. It will also be cool if surfing the internet on this phone could be as easy as on how we surf on desktops or laptops. This would definitely help me blog easier as a great idea pops in my mind, I could easily share it with the world with just one click.

Sadly, these are just all part of my dream. Some phones might have some of these features BUT no phone has all of them. So a phone consisting all of these will be a dream come true and I have hope with the experts today that they can discover ways to make this happen and that I will have this phone in the future. But for now I will linger in the dream of having this phone and having that belief in the future that someday, a phone like this will emerge and conquer the world, a phone that everyone needs and would maximize. Always remember that the present is once a dream and dreaming is the biggest part of creating the future. So don’t be afraid to dream big, because by dreaming you tend to create the biggest discoveries and revelations in your life. Make life exciting and dream, never settle to what you have and aim for a wonderful and amazing future.





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