Britney Spears Is My Inspiration.Limitless.

Indeed, Britney Spears greatly inspired my life. I have been with her through her ups and downs, not literally with her but was with her by faith. And just like me, she shared with me a portion of her life just to pamper me and comfort me in times of trial. She is truly an inspiration and she never fails to amaze me. I always wanted to thank her by attending her tour but I never get the chance since I am here  in the Philippines and she has never toured here. So I invested money and time to complete my Britney Spears CD collection and her music has been my light during times of darkness, or shall I say the medicine that heals me when I am broken.

Every Britney Fan has their reason why they stayed being a hard stan for Britney Spears. For me she is an inspiration for she showed much strength during times of hardships. For others, Britney is a great musician releasing amazing music and for some she is a perfect entertainer surprising her critics and fans with fantastic performances. Entirely for me, her songs are very effective in touching every Britney Fans’ hearts. She has reached for more than millions of people to support her through her music. Her music brings unity to her fans and as one, we stand for Britney and she never fails to support us with her music. Every song she releases reflects our lives, our everyday lives that’s why we can relate to every song she is making. And truly, she is the Mother of Emotions for she knows how to make or choose  a song and instill the right emotion to it so that her listeners can feel what she wants them to feel.


Every fan knows “Sometimes” is Britney’s anthem of love. It’s intro is full of colors reflecting into it’s listeners’ minds and make them feel  in love. As a Britney fan, her songs are my first avenue of love. I listen to her songs whenever I feel alone and the love of Britney fills my heart. Sometimes, her songs make me wanna dance and shout because there are some of her songs that will really shake your life and makes you feel energized over again. Songs like One Kiss From You, Trip To Your Heart and (You Drive Me) Crazy are some of her songs I listen to feel love and get me excited to face the future. She also brings hope that love will soon find me. In times I feel I will never be loved I listen to Heart and I Will Be There and it makes me realize that Britney is a lover and a bestfriend in one, and I can rely to her music when it comes to love.

Baby One More Time

Britney has experienced a broken heart, and for me she has better songs portraying how hurt it is to be left alone and be broken and her music is more like a cure to a broken heart. Songs like Baby One More Time, Everytime and Where Are You Now are just some of those deep songs that you want to listen to when you want to be alone and cry. Britney can utter one syllable and each of them comes into your veins and makes you want to cry harder, helping you release those negative energy and will make you whole over again. Britney’s songs are like a shoulder you can cry on, you listen to her and she listens back and in a simple way her songs give advice, empathize and remain in your heart until you will feel better again.


Womanizer is an anthem for revenge, a calling to those who were left alone and wants to do something to make them feel better. When you feel like holding on a revenge, Britney can definitely help you with that. She has songs that makes you want to fight and stand up for your right. Yes, you were hurt, they took advantage of you and you want to fight back, listen to Britney and she understands them all. She has been there and she knows what to do. Listen to the likes of Oops I Did It Again, Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door and Lonely, these songs will help you boost confidence and slam the faces of those who hurt you and show them what you can do. Britney is a symbol of power and no wonder she can handle all situation and “go through life like a karate kid” because she has been there and she’s telling us to take down notes and follow instructions. Songs like Stronger, Why Should I Be Sad and Toy Soldier will help you understand that being alone is not a bad thing rather than being with someone who will make your life miserable.


This song has been Britney’s song while she was growing up, and yes most of her fans go through adolescence and this song helped each fan grow up and stand on their own. Britney has always been guarded and she showed that she can be independent and do things on her own. Ever experienced that people always look down on you and they make you feel like you can never succeed in any way? I did, and Britney did, too, that’s why she has songs like I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman, What It’s Like To Be Me and Lucky to show how hard it is to grow up but then when go through it, you will blossom to be a better person, a person you will never think that you would become and will pass harder tests of life.


Ever had that feeling that all eyes are on you as you walk down that aisle? Or that feeling when you stand up, everyone has that awkward look on you? Circus is the best song to listen to boost confidence and show what you’ve got. Me, every time I go outside my home going somewhere, I always listen to songs like Anticipating, I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun) and If U Seek Amy where Britney teaches mo to just do my thing and never listen to what people say. What’s important is that you have fun on what you are doing. That’s Britney’s aim, your actions are never bad as long as you are not causing harm and as long as you are happy.

Gimme More

How about songs making you feel sexy and much more comfortable with yourself? Gimme More is the best song to listen when you feel sexy and just want to strut what you got. Britney is the Sex Songstress, she is good at making songs about sex and she never fails to make a song good with her trademark moan in each song she makes. Ever heard Perfect Lover, Touch Of My Hand and 3? May it be a threesome, with a partner or self-pleasure, Britney has songs about them all and playing her song will shower an ambiance of hotness that will make you want to do it the Britney way.

I’m A Slave 4 U

Living as a Britney fan is never complete if you never dreamed of watching Britney perform, performing with her or being Britney herself performing. There are songs that will really make a fan be with or become Britney, to dance until the sun comes down. Songs like Slave 4 U, Me Against The Music and Till The World Ends are some of Britney’s songs that has these choreography that her fans try to learn and perform. You are never a Britney fan if you never tried to dance just one Britney song. These are the songs that you want to dance along with when played and you never get tired of them. Songs that make you want to have fun and enjoy an ordinary day.

As a Britney fan, there is no Britney song that has no meaning in my life. Every song Britney shares is a song of life, it will always have a place in my life and I will never get tired of listening to her songs everyday. For in my darkest times, her songs have been my refuge and my strength and she never failed to assist me whenever I needed someone to entertain or comfort me. I hope Britney knows, but secretly she has  turned out to be, not just my favorites singer nor a bestfriend, but more than a partner, she has become my life and no one can ever replace her in my heart. Truly, Britney saved me from having a boring and ruined life. She totally fixed me and helped me grow up to be a better person. She teached me a lot and showed me how to be strong so I am living my life just like how she did, ignoring all the negativities and just doing what I love. She is a true inspiration and she will never be replaced.

Britney Spears had the choice to stop making music, she had the choice to never come back to the music industry and just focus on her personal life. But what made her release more albums and continue to perform? Money? Fame? I don’t think so. It’s the love of her fans that continues to explode even after 10 years. She is amazed for how much she is still being loved after all the trials and tests she has been through and still she is loved. She is very grateful that she has amazing fans like us that continue to support her. There may be some who doubt her, comparing her to her past self and still expecting more from her, for me we shouldn’t be. We should just be thankful she stayed. And seeing her tour worldwide and release songs and now doing TV shows, it’s just very awesome for her to do it. I mean she divides her time for her family and her career and she balances everything. She is a good mother and a good performer and I know she will be releasing good songs in the future, too. “Thank You” is never enough to show how much Britney did in my life and truly she will always be an inspiration. I will continue to listen to her even if she stops performing and I will never be ashamed that I am a Britney fan. Britney is a great person and a great artist and no critic can ever change that. As long as there is a Britney Spears, a legend will always be written and history will always be  marked everyday for she has touched the lives of millions. And I know, she will never stop because she wants to return what her fans has done, and I will always be thankful because she entered my life and has been in my heart for more than ten years, and will continue to be until the rest of my life.


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