Limitless Movie Review: The Mistress

The Mistress, 2012

The perfect drama film of 2012, as of the moment. If you love to cry, to feel revenge or to fall in love all over again, I highly recommend watching this movie. I have never seen such perfect Pinoy film since 2010’s My Amnesia Girl, and this is definitely something I could be proud of as a Filipino. The movie is not a highly budgeted film, and the story is just simply about a rich man having an affair with another woman, but the story itself is very interesting and something you would be curious about and it just revolved there, no violence, no disaster, just a light drama that will capture your hearts. It captured me, made me teary-eyed, I felt what the actors were portraying. What made me interested in this film is the feeling of being hated as a mistress and the anger a legal wife can feel towards a mistress. Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz are one of the best actors of their generation and they never cease to amaze their critics. They are a perfect combination together with an unforgettable love story. So there’s no question why this movie is the blockbuster movie of the year.

Spoiler: It does not have a happy ending, but that’s what made it unique and beautiful 🙂


5 thoughts on “Limitless Movie Review: The Mistress

  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t like the movie.

    1. Ang pagging mistress kahit pa sabihin natin na mabait si bea at gnwa lang nya yun pra sa lola is still a SIN. (Which now people think na OKAY LANG YUNG IBA MISTRESS may dahilan naman kase kaya sya naging mistress.)

    2. No turn of wheel. Like dun sa “No other woman” na talgang iniwan ni derek si anne para sa asawa nya. I mean kasi itong movie dahil namatay lang yun tatay kaya nag balik sa asawa. (Which now people think ok lang mag mistress bsta sa huli sa asawa mo ikaw.)

    3. The ending is frustrating wla closure or something na inayos yung daddy ni JD para maayos lahat ng nagawa nyang mali parang iniwan lang nya lahat ng gnun. that’s why no happy ending for BEA and JLC.

    Being a mistress whether you do it for your family or not is still a SIN. You can RUIN A FAMILY. This is based on my opinion.

    Naranasan ko din kasi ang magkaroon ng mistress sa pamilya it almost ruin our family and I think ang dpat nag sulat ng script nito ay yung may experience nadin sa gnto. kasi this movie will hurt those LEGAL WIFE na makakapanood na may mistress and mga asawa nila.

    • carlobouh says:

      I see your point there. everyone has their own opinions and views about this movie. Being a mistress is definitely a sin, but I see that they are not promoting it. What I see is the struggle of being a mistress and having one, so definitely, for me, it shows how complicated to be and have a mistress, so it discourages “mistresses”. that’s what I see.

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