Limitless Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania


Hotel Transylvania, 2012



Sorry, Hotel Transylvania is not a-5 star, rather a 4-star. But not necessarily about the service, it’s about the movie. The movie is about this beautifully spooky hotel for all of the monsters and scary species to live in to get away from humans. I revolves about Dracula, the creator of the hotel, his daughter Mavis and their friends, and the trouble goes as the human Johnny Stein goes in their hotel. It’s actually a cute story, has nice graphics and good moral lesson. But I must say that this movie is literally for kids, or maybe I’m just really too old to watch this stuff. However it was really entertaining and funny, my favorite character is the Werewolf, you can definitely see in his face that he is tired of what he is doing, HAHA! Anyway, you will definitely get ZINGED at the end of the movie and makes me want to download all the songs they featured. Not the best cartoon movie this year but it was great!


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