Limitless Movie Review: Sinister

Sinister, 2012

I was excited because this movie is produced by the best horror movie of 2011, Insidious so I did not hesitate on watching this movie. The movie progressed slowly, which is actually normal to horror movies. I find the idea cool that the protagonist found footages of death of some families recorded from a super 8 mm film. It was really spooky and made me want to walk out of the movie house. However I started complaining about the film, the usual complaints about a horror movie, like why search your house without turning on lights, why won’t everyone wake up after some loud noises at home, why explore the dark alone, why not answer the phone call from a police, those usual questions that made me feel unpleasant throughout the film. The ending was great, it was a really good movie, I just don’t like the fact that I had complaints about the film, unlike the movies Insidious and Cabin In The Woods which became my standards, this film had to follow a common story line. I noticed the film needed darker scenes and use usual horror schemes just to scare the viewers, and it was not effective for me. What’s unique about the film is the idea on how the protagonist found out how those families in the video died. I finished the movie, and still had that pounding in my heart as I go home. It was effective in scaring people but it just had some flaws that made it not that desirable for me. Nevertheless, it was a good movie for the Halloween season.


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