Limitless Movie Review: Looper

Looper, 2012

I was expecting Looper as an action movie, and it is actually a Sci-Fi one. I am a fan of Sci-Fi, so if you are one, you better be good. Looper was good at first, on being an action film, however it didn’t have any highlights, like the jaw-dropping stunts or exciting fight scenes, it was all gun-shooting gun-shooting gun-shooting. Bruce Willis didn’t have a lot of screentime and there were inappropriate scenes that will make the story go even without them. As the movie progresses, I was shocked to see that it was Sci-Fi! It was out of the story, from what I am expecting but I embraced it and just told myself that I should give the movie a chance. But all in all, Looper is an epic movie itself, it is exciting , it brings a new story and it is something fresh. It shows a realistic future and reflects how the society would be just for money. Not the best for 2012, but it is the best of its own. Would you change you future just for the sake of other, that’s the hanging question that the movie left me.


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