Limitless Movie Review: Skyfall

Skyfall, 2012

If you want classic action, Skyfall brings classic action. The first scene blew me away and made me fall in love with James Bond, specifically with Daniel Craig. He did well becoming James Bond, and even I haven’t watched the other films, as this was my first time, I can say he is the best Bond actor of all time! The charisma, moves, accent even his stares, he has everything what a a James Bond character should be. The movie is exciting, the whole two hours have chunks of jaw-dropping stunts and heart-pumping scenes. This is a movie series that I have been looking for, a series that even you haven’t watched the first installments, you would even understand it because it has its own story. It has the perfect combination of action, thrill, comedy and drama, I must say, and one of the best films of the last quarter of 2012. This film left me still excited until now, brought lots of unforgettable scenes, dialogues and characters. No wonder this is one of the longest running movie series of all time and very iconic at the same time. I am looking forward to the next Bond film and to seeing Daniel Craig at his best, being James Bond.

PS: Will be downloading the legendary James Bond theme! Will be setting it as my ringtone :p


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