Limitless Movie Review: The Apparition

The Apparition, 2012

I gave this movie a chance. The Apparition is actually really scary, what it lacks is a reasonable ending. It excels in thrilling viewers, but when it comes to satisfying with a story line, the Apparition loses it all. I like the fact that this film is moving towards the likes of Inception, it is something that you really have to focus on, listen carefully and watch every details. It’s like you kept all the clues, all the details but suddenly it hangs everything on the end of the film. It ended very quick, 1 hour and 10 minutes or so. It satisfied my horror needs but not the story I was expecting it to be. It’s not really a disappointment but it could’ve been better if it had better ending or at least an explanation of what happened to the rest of the film. It’s like it was intentionally cut or something. But either way, it was a nice try for a scary movie this Halloween season, but no one can still beat the Saw Series. This movie could have been a hit during summer I suppose.


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