Thanatophobia, fear of death or dying.

I don’t know if you are, but I am afraid to die. Death is something inevitable, I know that, and I am now in the state of  wanting death not to occur at all. The thought of me dying is very scary, and something I want to never happen. Who would even want to die? If someone would, then he must be crazy for wanting to end his own life. Death is something not just ending your life, rather it ends “FOREVER”.

Death is the end of everything, may it be for humans or the world. It is something that we all expect, but we never want to happen. But we forget that death is not just losing life itself, it is losing all that you invested in your life and demolishing the dreams you built. At this very moment, someone might be experiencing the last days of his life and will never see the beauty of tomorrow again. And here, I want to share the different things we should cherish and should not let things be taken for granted as we are living. Here are some important things I want to show you that Death would succumb as it arises.

Fear of losing Love

Death is not just taking away your last breath. As death finishes its job, it takes away all the love in your life that you have collected. As you die, you leave your family, friends and loved ones and it will never be returned. Fear of the death also includes fear of losing your loved ones. It’s very scary to look at the future dying and losing the people you care most. It’s very sad. Death is your biggest competitor in establishing love with people you care most because in one snap, death takes them all away. Death will not only kill you, but also your heart and the memories linked with it to your loved ones.

Fear of losing Happiness

Life is all about happiness and free will, while death is never a first choice and is always a sad ending. Death is never a happy thing, have you ever heard a happy death? It is painful, and it is something you will not enjoy. Have you imagined a family rejoicing and being thankful someone died? Apparently death is the only choice of someone in awful pain but it is never their choice, it is only a sign of hopelessness, and seeing them die is a true relief from their pain. But just so you know, it is only temporary pain, but what’s permanent is losing happiness forever, and that is the kind of pain that will be yours until the end of the days. It is easy to define and attain happiness while you are living. Yes, heaven is where eternal happiness is, but the sadness caused by death will always be remembered on Earth

Fear of losing Investments

You live because you let yourself live a better life. You work hard, and invest to a lot of things to be a better person and be on better status. As you progress to life, you spend all your money for all your needs and wants. Apparently, you can’t bring them all to your death. It’s just hard to see that everything you’ve worked hard for will not be yours forever and you can never see it improve beyond death. It’s hard to leave something that you have worked hard for, to leave it to somebody’s hands. You will always have that mindset that you are the better owner of things you’ve worked hard for and leaving everything to Earth is a sad decision. Yes, these are material things, but these are the things that measured you as a human and let you live a prosperous and comfortable life. It’s hard to leave what you have worked for as death pursues, and you will always have that regret that you shouldn’t have worked too much and just lived at ease.

Fear of losing Truth

As you die, everything you’ve known will disappear one at a time in your mind. Like material things, you can never bring these memories with you in Heaven. What you have seen and known will all be forgotten. The face of your loved one, some of the secrets in life and even the beautiful voices of people you’ve known, even the knowledge that you gained as a child and as you grow up, they will never be usable as you die. It will be something that you’ll regret, you’ve worked hard throughout the years to learn and accumulate memories and death will take them all away. It’s something very heart-crushing, seeing everything important to you fade away in your minds.

As I said, Death is inevitable. One lesson we can learn from this is to cherish everything as we have them. We might not bring love with us until we go to heaven, but at least let your loved ones feel loved as your name will be with their hearts forever. You may not bring happiness with you as you die, but remember to enjoy life and not to live fearing life because fear delays happiness. Material things can not be brought to heaven but remember to save for your future, this is not just for yourself but also for your family. And, memories and knowledge might fade, but always put to mind that these memories will make you stronger as you go through the ultimate pain in your life. Pain is the climax of your life and death is the ending. Yes there’s no happy ending but we can change our fate, we can always make a happy ending in our lives, but oh let me rephrase that, a painful happy ending, actually. Painful because losing someone is never okay, and happy because death is the greatest comfort you can give to someone in pain as he will enjoy eternal happiness with God in Heaven.

Fear of death or dying will always be there, but on the process of living let’s set aside our fears and live life to the fullest as fear is the main reason we hold back in our efforts, which results to regretful years. Always remember to trust yourself and never let others bring you down. You are your own foundation and your future is based on what you do today. If you want a bad future and a meaningless death, then be someone non-existent, but if you want a beautiful future and be an inspiration after your death, then do something that people will continue to remember you years after your death. Be a positive impact to your loved ones and never disappoint yourself. Life all is about being a good example so others can live a good life, too. Live as if your going to be a good part of history, a name that will be written forever and will never be forgotten.


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