A Heartbreaking Friendship.Limitless.

Friendship is something that we celebrate everyday, a loving happiness that we cherish in our hearts in our entire lives. It is the key to a happy living. Friends keep you up when you’re down and they’re all you have when everyone leaves you, aside from your family of course. I always say that your friends are your second family. Friends will keep you company through your ups and your downs and they will ultimately support you and spill the truth in your face, may it be positive or negative. Truly a friend is all you need to walk through this path in life. Unfortunately, not all friends stay.

I have always experienced in the past years having really close friends, a friend more than a brother or a sister and sticks beside me even though things go wrong. You know, a friend that never leaves you as long as both of you suffer or enjoy together. That’s the best part in friendship, the worst part is when someone leaves or forgets. At this point, it makes me regret investing a lot for this friendship that has just come to waste.

The Signs

A friend is a shoulder to cry on, imagine what a bestfriend would be, right? As a bestfriend, it is not only your responsibility to be there when your friend needs you, you also have to have that mutual understanding that no matter what happens, you have to be side by side with your friend, never leave him alone and be the source of strength and happiness. I miss this. You will eventually notice changes, that a friend is distancing himself, when he starts to communicate less with you and hang out a lot with newer friends. Well that’s acceptable since the world should not only be revolving with the two of you. But what is not is the fact that most of your circle of close friends are invited and you are not. Another one is when you talk to your bestfriend and he doesn’t bother to reply but does talk to everyone else. Is this some kind of sorcery or he just really meant to avoid you. Another one is when both of you converse, but it will only last for 30 seconds, and you start to miss those happy conversations you had with him weeks before. And the most hurting of all is the fact that he directly told you that there are times that he just doesn’t want to be with you for a valid or void reason. That, my friend, signifies that your bestfriend has totally changed, and I know that it really hurts, a lot.

The Solution

More like a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, eh? Well it’s worse than that. Friendship is more than just love. It’s a brotherly love between you and your bestfriend, an understanding or agreement that both of you will be partners in crime and will never fall without the other. And worst case that the other leaves you hanging, then rise up even if you are alone. Along the way, a new friend will help you and carry you through until you are better. Well your intention is not to find a new one, rather, go out of your comfort zone and open up your heart for further possibilities. Yes, it is very disappointing to see a dear friend go away, however you shouldn’t let yourself succumb to the pain of the past. A friend once said, move on and just go on through life. Life doesn’t stop on losing a friend. Losing a friend makes you gain two or more, and the moment you lost that friend, means you deserve a better one, just like in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. The difference is, friendship doesn’t have to have a criteria, it just happens and building friendship might take time but it’s all worth it.

Yes my friend, move on, forget the past and face the future. Also, face the fact that you still have friends right now that will continue to love you. Yes, it’s very disappointing and regretful that a friend wasted all of your efforts, but hey, look at the brighter side, he lost more than a treasure, because he can not find a friend as genuine as you are. He might be happy with other new friends but remember, if he enjoyed your company and wanted to look for a better one, he will not find one since no one is a better friend than you do. Your affection can not be replaced or even imitated because you became a friend by your own way. He might not come back but what’s important is that you went out there and made friends with new people, too. Don’t settle for a friend that can leave you hanging after finding a friend that he thinks can make him happier, instead settle with a friend that can be with you forever, with or without communication, wealth or happiness, a friend that will stay through ups and downs and will be your ultimate adviser and guide. For as friendship will provide you wings, wings that only the two of you would know how to use so you both can fly.


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