Limitless Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2012

Truly, this is an EPIC finale. I was never a Twilight saga fan, honestly. But seeing this movie led me to love the story and the characters, this film literally left me crying really hard. I never expected that I will like this film, I only watched it due to “Peer Pressure” (haha), but seriously, I was a bit interested to see how it ends, and fortunately it did not disappoint me. Some effects were tacky, some scenes were obviously visually edited, but the all the flaws didn’t matter until you see the end of the film. The finale will take away everything, the plot is genius and I started to be amazed on how the story was made. All the actors did well too and they portrayed each characters very well, especially Kristen Stewart. I fell in love with her, her emotionless technique in acting is her way to seduce the audience to watch more and be excited. The best part of the film is the fight scene, I literally felt nervous as they face each other. I didn’t know what to expect since I don’t know the whole story, I was really scared because Bella and her team were outnumbered. Truly, this part of the film is the highlight, this is what I call a true CLIMAX. I must say, this movie is one of the best this year next to The Avengers and Cabin In The Woods. The comedy, drama, thrill and romance, everything mixed up perfectly and I must say, this is the perfect way to end a legendary saga that captured the heart of millions. Thumbs up to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, they made a great team-up, a romance that will live forever and a ground-breaking film, that I may have never followed, but will always remain in my heart.


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