Limitless Movie Review: Wreck-it Ralph


Wreck-it Ralph, 2012



It is never too late to watch a film, especially when it is THIS good! It’s worth the wait. At first I was hesitant to watch this because I am not really a fan of animated movies but this movie proved that it is an exemption. I like the fact that it played along with our favorite games and cartoon characters, but honestly I am not familiar with Ralph, Felix, Vanellope and Sgt. Calhoun, I have never played their games. So I enjoyed seeing familiar characters like Ryu drinking beer, Chun-lo laughing with other girls, Sonic passing by and Pac-man doing his thing, munching. It’s very fun to see these characters. But what made me love this movie is the story, I was quiet the entire film because the film is very interesting. The humor, action and drama all mixed perfectly fine. The characters were done well, each had an important part of the movie and everyone had good chemistry, their characters worked so well and each of them shined throughout the film. Not one character was ignored and they all had their special parts. The movie is all about being alone, bullied and trying to be brave. It reminds you that you are a Winner and are Adorable, as what Ralph said to Vanellope, a true movie about friendship and hardships in life. Yes, the film made me cry, because the lesson is worth the watch and the heart-warming story is very exceptional. One of the best animated films so far, very unique and amazing. Whoever made this is a certified genius!


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