Limitless Movie Review: Silent Hill Revelation



Silent Hill Revelation, 2012






What a great film! Another amazing masterpiece based from a video game! Every character was portrayed perfectly, every scene was done well, the costumes and effects were all in place. Almost perfect, it just lacked one thing, ACTION. I was looking for major fight scenes, of course since it is based on the video game Silent Hill I expected that the protagonist will fight against evil, monsters and creatures. Apparently she just passed by Silent Hill and saved her father, she was more like a visitor. But other than that, they did well on making the movie feel more like Silent Hill, the video game, however I find the first Silent Hill better in terms of story. But in terms of effects and character, this film wins. It scared me a lot, but most of the time amazed me on how they were able to recreate the Pyramid Head, the scary Nurses and all of the creatures in Silent Hill, they totally made me nervous and excited all at the same time. I’d say they did a great job. Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason and Alessa also did a great job, she portrayed the character well. Not the best horror or video game inspired film, but I’d say this is the best film that recreated creatures from a video game, as of today. Hands down to Silent Hill Revelation!


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