Limitless Movie Review: Stolen


Stolen, 2012






This is a classic Nicolas Cage action film! So sad that the movie is very underrated, and less people was able to see how amazing the film is. The movie is perfection from start to end and it is just pure action, no romance, no comedy, just pure action. A story of a father coming out of the jail and wants to live a new life with his daughter, who gets kidnapped so he steals from the bank to redeem her daughter, is a brilliant story, truly a classic action film. Yeah, people might think this is a common action film, but they haven’t seen how awesome the stunts are and the effects. Every fight scene is thrilling and heart-pounding. The end of the movie left me teary-eyed, as I reflect that nobody believed Will Montgomery that his daughter was kidnapped, because he was a former criminal, it’s very unfair to be judged and get neglected just because of a past mistake so I felt that scene was something to ponder on. One of the best action films of 2012, not Nicolas’ best but at least this movie proves that he is still in shape and he still knows how to do REAL action.


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