Limitless Movie Review: Rise Of The Guardians


Rise Of The Guardians, 2012






If only I could give this movie 10 starts, I’d give this movie 10 stars! Undoubtedly the best animated movie of 2012, or probably since Wall-e. Truly, they saved the best for last, and the best way to end 2012 is watching this movie, full of hope, fun and surprises. I have never loved an animated film like this and it truly amazed me. Also, this film works best with IMAX or 3D, and it never let my expectations down, it gave me what I wanted, entertainment. What I like about this film is it played along the children inside it’s audience  That wonder with Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Sandman and Jack Frost, they all blended together and assured the audience they are real and are here to guide us and bring joy to everyone. They all represent hope, wonder, dreams, memories and fun, which are all important to childhood and made us all feel child-like and enjoy the film at its best. The film is recommended for all ages, not a single scene is boring, all of the effects and animation are perfectly done. I’d say that this is now the standard of animated story-telling and the ultimate animated film I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. I have never been a fan of an animated film, and this experience will be unforgettable. Well, movies are meant to entertain and to stay in our hearts, and this film proved this and didn’t fail to amaze me. Your 2012 is incomplete without seeing this film!


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