The Power Of Money.Limitless.

MONEY – any article or substance used as a medium of exchange, measure of wealth, or means of payment, as checks on demand deposit or cowrie. (

Throughout the ages, money has been a big part of our history and our lives. It has been a determinant of power and wealth. It gave humans the ability to reach what they haven’t attained, and have what they never had. It is the ultimate source of wealth and the ultimate accessory that humans envy. It is something that might build or destroy lives in just a snap.

403597_541835295845821_1262588436_nProbably, being rich is the ultimate dream of almost everyone. Who would never want to live in a mansion, have amazing sports cars, do shopping in huge malls, stay in a beautiful hotel or have a vacation somewhere you’ve never been. Apparently, in this life that we have, only rich people can attain this. And if you belong to a bracket lower that the rich people, you’ll probably only experience this once a year, to never. Money is simply an item used to exchange goods or as a mode of payment, but overtime its meaning and value has changed. It’s unfair that money has been the measurement of wealth in this world, that money has been so powerful that it overshadows everything in this world and it became the most important above anything else. Some people easily get money, probably because of inheritance or stealing, and these people get the best from it, while some people work really really hard everyday, just get a small amount, enough to feed families, unsure what will happen in the future. Since money has evolved and became powerful throughout ages, I want to share to you what money can do to your life.

It Brings Wealth

Obviously, money brings wealth. It will give what you want and what you need. It will add more zeros to your savings and bank accounts. I remember what people usually say about rich people, it makes rich people richer, and poor people poorer. Of course rich people already have their money but poor people only have it by chance. Yes it brings wealth, but when you don’t know how to handle money properly, it will pass by your hands as quick as thunder. I remember spending my salary without even noticing my budget, I ended up borrowing money from a friend. Thousands of money seem to be big, but I tell you, numbers don’t tell their value. It’s how you use them, are you going to spend them all or keep some for future savings? Wealth is not measured on what you wear, what you buy or how much money you have, it is measured on how you spend and value your money. Playing with money doesn’t make you rich, rather saving it makes you more than rich.

It Lifts Social Status

Oh yes, social status is actually the ultimate determinant of wealth. So if you have a lot of money, of course, many people know you and it automatically lifts your social status. It’s sad that when you wear all those expensive clothes and accessories, you get respected, while people with baggy pants and shirts are most likely to be pushed away by security guards. Yeah, that’s the reality of life. We treat people the way we see them, when we like them we respect them, and when they have money, we bow down to them, sadly, when people beg for money, we ignore and neglect them. Donating money became a trend now, when you are a typhoon or disaster victim, these people with high social status join forces and donate a “small” amount of what they have to these people. Some have clear intents, some do this just to say they’ve been a part of it, “bragging rights” they call it. It’s sad to see that money is used as an accessory to be respected and liked by people, when in fact, it should be used to give harmony in this world. I would like to see the world with no division, no line between rich and poor and that everyone has the same level. I remember a friend once told me, “When I win the lottery, I will give a million to every friend that I have.”

It Controls

When you don’t know how to control your money, money will control you. Don’t make your life revolve to money, please. Never say money can make you graduate from school, money will feed you, money will let you live, no that’s not true. It is you who will make your fate and will determine your future. Money is just one factor, but what you do brings you to where you should be. When money controls your life, you will be helpless. The moment you lose money, you become depressed, and your mind will tell you to do things to get more money, even if it’s illegal. People end up gambling, stealing or even murdering just to get the amount of money they need. They have been too dependent to the power of money and never realized that they are more powerful than it, since they can do better things to earn and have money. Always remember, we created money and we can do things to earn them, in a good way.

No matter what the amount of money is, always remember that God is bigger than that, bigger than the jackpot in the lottery or even in that TV gameshow. Yes, you might’ve got what you wanted, but always remember that God brought you there and he can take everything away in just a snap. To those who steal and gamble, don’t play with the devil, money coming from illegal activities never last and will bring you nowhere. What I’m saying is, money has played an important role on how the world has changed overtime, and we now start to realize what money has done to us. I don’t want to see what our future looks like when we continue to be greedy in life. We should learn to spend wisely now, save money for the future and share as much as we can. Money is not meant to stay in your own pockets, money should be circulating and we should never let it control our lives. Let’s not be dependent to it because money didn’t make us, what we do brings us to where we should be. And always remember that money does not measure how rich you are, it is measured by the love, friendship and lessons you’ve learned in life. Be respected by what you did and not by what you have. Because money will fade and won’t live forever, but your character will always stay and will be printed in the minds of people.


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