Limitless Movie Review: One More Try

One More Try Official Poster

One More Try, 2012






A brilliant movie with an exceptional cast! This film left me crying for minutes after the movie concluded, probably because the movie made me relate to each characters of the film. You will understand the struggles of each character and will make you realize that none of them is wrong and they are doing their actions for the sake of love. Everyone did a great job, they acted very well and professionally and they showed people what a true actor should be. A perfect movie just in time for the Christmas Season. If you want to cry, I definitely recommend this film. It has a great story that will touch your hearts and make you realize that life isn’t perfect, we will always make mistakes and it is never wrong to make mistakes. This movie deserves the award “Best Picture” that they received recently, which proves that you don’t need huge productions or extended cast to make a film good. For me, the ultimate secret of this film is “Pure Heart” that’s why this one is very exceptional, one of the best of 2012.


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