Limitless Movie Review: Sisterakas


Sisterakas, 2012






I’m a huge fan of Vice Ganda, that’s why I made sure I watched this film. However I am not a big fan of Kris Aquino, so I was holding back a little to watch the film, but the inclusion of Ai Ai De las Alas made me want to watch the film more. A friend told me that the production and preparation for this film was rushed so I was not expecting a grand film. Truly, the film is not that huge, like their previous productions such as The Mistress or Kimmy Dora, but it is more like a sitcom made to become a film. I can say that the film is a lot of fun and very funny, you can see that the cast is enjoying their project and they’re comfortable to work with each other. What I just noticed is that Kris Aquino doesn’t fit her role, she should’ve made her own film. But nevertheless, if you want to watch a movie where you will laugh from start to end, Sisterakas is the movie to watch. No dull moments, and every punchline is hilarious. I can say that this is the most genius comedy film this year. They deserve their number one spot in the Manila Film Festival.


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