Limitless Movie Review: El Presidente


El Presidente, 2012





El Presidente is El Magnifico! A for effort! The Philippine Cinema has produced less action movies these past few years, and they truly raised the bar in producing this new one. Honestly, I did expect a lot for this film, comparing it to the films telling the story of some great people like Lincoln or historical events like the Pearl Harbor, so I really looked forward since the trailer of the film was really enticing. Well, after watching the film, I wasn’t really satisfied with what I saw. The first part of the film was really tacky, messy and confusing. The story line was really quick, as if the movie was rushed, the editing was bad, the actors were funny, they should have chosen some actors who would portray better and not those who would look funny, and the fight scenes were not really prepared. But that was the first half. After the death of Baron Geisler’s character, the movie became flawless. The transition of the story became flaw-free and the revelations left me in awe, realizing that I still know less about my country’s history. All in all, the movie was a great effort in making one of the best bioepics of our country, it also opened my mind to how great President Aguinaldo was and how the Philippines was molded by its colorful history. Hopefully we would do more movies like this, and hopefully by next time it will be something that we can show the world which the next generation could be proud of.


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