My Best and Worst of 2012.Limitless.

Happy-New-Year-2013-Wishes-LanguagesFor me, 2012 has been a year of Love and Friendship. My 2012 saw the blossoming of friendship and love in my life, and I also saw some important people distance themselves from me. 2012 is a mixture of sadness and happiness, but hey, a perfect dish wouldn’t be complete without enough spices, right? So I think 2012 has just blended well in my life, people may come and go, but what’s most important is that we get to know more people and we learn a lot from our experiences.

Below I present to you the annual summary of all my experiences throughout 2012. Here are the Worst things that happened to me in 2012:

10. Our desktop computer is dead

9. No closet in my room – I keep my clothes in a box.

8. Some calamities in our city – I got trapped due to high flood.

7. I broke my Blackberry

6. Tests of love – Really emo this 2012

5. Work – Some disappointing events at work.

4. PHB’s Black Party

3. Health – Tonsillitis, Fever, Shingles, some of the illness I had this year.

2. Still unable to resume schooling – Still one of my biggest regrets in life.

1. Some friends had to go – This is the most painful, seeing important people leave. Good thing we still have FaceBook, last resort to keep in touch.

I was always told that after darkness there is always light, and after the rain there is always sunshine. So even if we experience a lot of bad things throughout the year, we are still blessed and we’re given the opportunity to enjoy life, live life to the fullest and be thankful, for God never neglected us and has always given what’s best for us. So now I present the Best things that has happened to me in 2012:

10. My old Nokia n95 was fixed

9. Work – I get to earn for a living

8. Britney Spears and PHB

7. Bought new phone

6. We moved to a new House

5. Blog – My dream fulfilled, having my ultimate blog!

4. My Birthday – Month-long celebration plus I got a new Hairdo

3. Newfound Friends – I found friends that I will keep forever

2. Christmas – best Christmas I had in years, was able to buy our Christmas Tree and gave gifts to people I love

1. Lovelife

I remember I was taught, there might be a lot of hardships in life, but always remember that what we only need to count the blessings and be thankful for them. I might have fallen a lot, left alone or even been hurt the most, but from there I learned to stand still and be stronger to face life, being ready to face what’s ahead. 2013 is a symbol of new hope and it’s coming means a start of something new, a ritual where we need to block off all the negativity of the past year and be optimistic and welcome all the good things to be blessed in life. We should all learn from our past mistakes and make sure to be a better person this year. We should all learn to let go of our burdens and be free to live a new life this year. It is never too late to have the best in life. The secret to living a happy life is optimism,  determination and faith. Never lose your passion and you will conquer your dreams. If you say you will, then you will. Claim, and you shall receive, for 2013 will be a blessing for everyone. It is not just a celebration of welcoming a new year, rather, it is a new life, a life where we can live anew, to correct mistakes and be an influence of goodness and strength to others.


If 2012 was the year of Love and Friendship, I believe 2013 will be a year of Fitness and Good Health. 🙂


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