Limitless Movie Review: Chinese Zodiac

CZ Philippine poster

Chinese Zodiac, 2013





Jackie Chan has always been one of my heroes so I was really excited to see this film! The movie was really awesome, as expected, breathtaking stunts and fight scenes were done impressively by Jackie Chan. There were just some things I was worried about, the story was fast-paced and I couldn’t understand what was happening. There was no problem that the movie was dubbed to English, but the problem is the movie was progressing and I was lost tracking the story. Probably it’s my fault, but I did my best to pay attention. The movie also looked like a TV sitcom, and I think the “Island Scene” wasn’t necessary at all. But overall, Jackie Chan did a great job. I heard this was his last action film, and I saw that he did his best. The last scene also made a mark on me, where he fell to a volcano. He tried to stand up with all his strength, it shows that all his efforts have already been poured in this film, and surely his best. I felt that he was really passionate on finishing this film, every scene was perfectly done and every move was made sure to be accurate. Definitely another masterpiece to be incorporated to the works of the one and only Jackie Chan.


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