Limitless Movie Review: Les Miserables


Les Miserables, 2013






Yes I know that this is from a musical of the same name, but I was shocked that they were all singing all throughout the film. Haha. I thought they would have dialogues but I was entirely wrong. So it was something new for me to watch. I enjoyed watching the cast singing, it’s something very entertaining and new. I just got bored during the “French Revolution” scene, and hoped it got omitted  But it wouldn’t be “Les Miserables” without that scene, right? The ending is also the best part of the scene, it was epic. I was very emotional,  I could not stop crying. Hands down to the actors’ heartfelt emotions. It was something unforgettable. And for that, I leave to you one line from that scene, “To love another person, is to see the face of God.”


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